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LOOK: Bring Your Magical Dreams to Life at the First Ever Giant Unicorn Island

Written by Jesh Orquina

The Inflatable Island in Subic, Zambales
Have you ever dreamed of walking on rainbows and riding unicorns? Thanks to Inflatable Island‘s latest addition, you can now make that happen! The Inflatable Island, Asia’s biggest floating water park, was launched in the country last year. As if it wasn’t already big enough (3420sqm to be exact), this year, it got even bigger. With the addition of the Unicorn Island, you now have 4000 sqm of inflatable fun under the sun!
A Magical Beach Experience

The Giant Unicorn Island, as seen from the shore.
What’s better than the beach? A beach with floating magical creatures! Take your beach experience to a whole new level with this magical playground that is not only irresistibly cute but also offers various activities that both kids and kid-dults are sure to enjoy.

Inflatable Island Floating Playground Map
Some of the Unicorn Island’s most promising features include The Rainbow Walk, Baba’s Super Slide, Slippery Slopes, and the Floating Cinema.

The Rainbow Walk

Baba’s Super Slide

Slippery Slopes

Floating Cinema
The Unicorn Island is also surrounded by isles of floating flamingo and unicorn cabanas that can hold up to 6 people. Perfect for your next family or barkada outing!
Instagram-worthy Pink Oasis by the Shore

Pink Oasis
To match the aesthetic of the Unicorn Island, Inflatable Island’s Bali lounge has been transformed into a pink oasis! The lounge is perfect for relaxing and taking photos of your summer #ootd. Just don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #InflatableIslandPh. In case you’re feeling a bit parched from playing on the floatables, the lounge also has stalls that offer food and drinks.

Pink Beach
Get Ready for Your Unicorn Island Adventure
By now, we’re pretty sure you’re super excited to head off to Subic and experience this one of a kind adventure. Before you head off, here are some things you should know before making the trip:
Height Requirement

Height Board featuring Baba the Unicorn
The park has no age limit so both kids and adults can join in on the fun! However, a height requirement of 3 feet is required. For children who are 3 feet to 4 feet tall, a 1:1 adult-kid ratio is required.
Dress Code

Inflatable Island’s Recommended Dress Code
Any type of swimsuit can be worn, although Inflatable Island highly recommends its guests to wear rash guards and swim leggings as protection from the sun. Clothing that has sharp objects such as buttons or zippers and other accessories such as earrings, watches, or rings are prohibited on the floating island because they might damage the inflatables. However, guests may wear whatever they want on the shore.
Passes and Promos

Inflatable Island offers four different passes: Sprinkle (one hour pass at 499php), Splash (two-hour pass at 799php), Spray (half-day pass at 1099php), and Soaked (whole day pass 1499php). The prices listed are walk-in rates but you can get up to a 10% discount when you book online!
How to Get There

Directional Map to Inflatable Island
The Inflatable Island is located on Subic Bay waters at Samba Bluewater Resort, Purok 6, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines. In case you plan on staying overnight, the Subic Bay Freeport Hotels are located just 5 minutes away from the island.

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