I Do in the Sky Bridal Fair Season 4

So, you already have a ring on your finger and you are already starting to plan for your dreamy big day. You are now faced with several questions and you don’t know which one to answer first.  You think all of these are important, well they are, however, the real question is: Where do you start?

This Infinity War Pinoy Version movie posters will make you LOL!

With the third Avengers movie coming up this April 25 (April 27 in the US), we can’t help but feel extra excited to see many of our favorite Marvel characters altogether in one screen! Of course, with the hype coming around nowadays from teasers – clips, photos and other forms of media alike, one netizen couldn’t help but try to imagine the Infinity War characters as Filipinos with his genius photo editing skills.

Meet Mang Ben, Ang Sapatero sa Padre Faura

If you pass by Padre Faura in Manila a lot, you have probably come across Mang Ben at some point. Roy Dahildahil is one of the people who has passed by Mang Ben on his travels and he sat down with him for an interview with hopes of sharing his story and maybe even getting in touch with ‘Wish Ko Lang’ to help him out.

UST SHS SC Youth Initiative Summit (YIS)

“The youth is the hope of our motherland,” National Hero and Thomasian Dr. Jose Rizal once said.

Ignite: Igniting the Competitive Spirit Within

This summer, set the flames and step up your game!

The University of the Philippines Diliman’s premier tennis organization, Tennis UP, brings you yet another edition of its Annual Tennis UP Cup.

In its 11th season, Tennis UP proudly presents IGNITE: Igniting the Competitive Spirit Within, a month-long tennis competition that will challenge and enhance your mental and physical toughness in the sport of tennis.

WATCH: The “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer but EVERYONE is Deadpool

Did you miss your favorite snarky superhero and his fourth wall breaking tendencies? Have no fear! This fan-made edit of the Infinity War trailer features him and… him!
This is such a convincing edit that I almost thought it really was Ryan Reynolds talking! This hilarious spin on the very dramatic Infinity War trailer lends us some much-needed levity with all our anxiety waiting for the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Who better to make us laugh than Deadpool himself?


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