Even Adults Could be Proud of Being Children-at-Heart at the Nickelodeon Slime Cup

Article by Therese Justine Bruel/ Photos by Paolo Pareno and Mari Lorica / Graphics by Jillian Bueno

The Queer Eye Cast Talks About the Importance of Queer Representation in Modern Media

The first season of Queer Eye has been an incredible hit for everyone, straight or not, and the gay gods have answered our prayers: it is coming back for a second season! This openly gay TV show has opened up important conversations about sexuality, gender, and identity at a time when being open and vocal about these topics is important.
Photo Courtesy of Netflix.com

CNN’s “Parts Unknown” Host Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, writer, and host of CNN’s award-winning series “Parts Unknown,” has been found dead from an apparent suicide inside his hotel room in France, Friday morning.
Bourdain, age 61, was found unresponsive by his close friend and fellow celebrity chef Éric Ripert. He was in the city of Strasbourg shooting for a new episode of his CNN series, which is currently in its 11th season.

LOOK: We Imagined Pinay Celebrities as Disney Princesses

We love Disney Princesses. We have always believed that there is a princess in all of us. But what if our favorite princesses were Filipina? What would they look like? Or better yet, who would play them?
We reimagined our favorite local celebrities as Disney Princesses depending on their looks and/or personality. Here’s what we came up with. :)
Marian Rivera as Cinderella

Visiting Pattaya Thailand? Check out Ibis Hotel Pattaya

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in Pattaya, check-out Ibis Hotel Pattaya located right at the heart of central Pattaya.

8 Japanese Anime Movies To Watch That Are Not Studio Ghibli

I get it. Studio Ghibli anime films are well-crafted, entertaining, visually stunning, and are just down right beautiful stories that have deeper meanings than what is seen on the surface. Like many of you, I also first ventured into the world of anime because of Studio Ghibli. BUT, once I saw a non-Studio Ghibli film, I discovered that there is a whole other world of animes out there that are just as beautiful, if not more.

6 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Philippine National Heroes

Article by Therese Justine Bruel/ Graphics by Clarence Abiera
Independence Day is here! Why not spend today learning a bit more about our beloved heroes? Here are a few fun facts about some of our fiercest bayanis!
6 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Philippine National Heroes
Rizal was the Ultimate Tito!

4 Museums You Have to Visit This Independence Day

Article by Therese Justine Bruel/ Photos by Therese Justine Bruel and Paolo Pareno
The Philippines has a treasure trove of museums and national historical landmarks that celebrate its heritage. What better way to spend Independence Day than by commemorating our rich history? Here, we collated a list of amazing places that will, no doubt, make Filipino pride swell from your chest, as well as remind you that your country is definitely one worth fighting for!
4 Museums You Have to Visit This Independence Day
4. Bahay Nakpil-Bautista

If You Had to Abandon Your Passion to be Practical, Read This

Written by Kevin Choa / Photography by Arielle Choy
Startups are all the rage these days, with so many small companies suddenly making a giant impact on the things we see and buy all the time. We’ve all seen those photos of their owners getting paid to live out their dreams online and can’t help but feel some jealousy. It’s bad enough that starting up any business or going into a career path based on your passions is so expensive and full of seemingly useless legalese that you have to put it away for good.

What is the Future of Filipino Cuisine?

Written by Kevin Choa / Photography by Hannah Beltran
For Chef Gene Gonzalez, a perfect world would be one where Filipino cuisine gains a place on the international gastronomic map. With a career full of travels and kitchen trials spanning several decades and a culinary legacy many Filipino chefs could only dream to have, this culinary renaissance man truly spares no expense in fulfilling this dream.


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