10 Skincare products that will help you achieve that quarantine glow up

Many people are using this time in quarantine to take care of themselves. For some, they are using their free time at home to achieve that quarantine #glowup. One of the most important things to remember, however, is taking care of your skin. With these products from Lazada, you’ll surely achieve those glow up goals […]

Mark Your Calendars for This Tearrific Buy 1 Take 1 Promo from Starbucks

Coffee, tea, or me? Well, the spotlight’s on tea this time, and yes, we’re spilling it. Lots of it. From June 29 to July 1, tea lovers (and TEA-tas) can now enjoy a Buy One, Get One deal on Grande handcrafted tea-ology beverages from Starbucks. And if that isn’t enough to get your attention, they […]

Famous Vlogger Jenna Marbles Quits YouTube After Being ‘Cancelled’ Online

Jenna Marbles, known and loved for being among the first successful vloggers of YouTube, has officially quit the platform after social media calls to “cancel” her. Jenna suddenly found herself involved in controversy this week when racially offensive videos from her past resurfaced online–one where she impersonated Nicki Minaj with blackface, another where she sang […]

Andy Shop: A Local Footwear Brand Born Amidst COVID-19

Gone are the days of shoes that sacrifices comfort over style. At this day and age, there are many footwear options that offer comfort while being fashionable but it’s still difficult to find a pair that will give you great value for money. Andy shop by Entrepreneur Andy Riel Wong answers women’s woes about finding […]

If You Want to Visit Cambodia, You Now Have to Pay a Php150K Entry Fee — Including Funeral Costs

Travel to Cambodia won’t be so easy and affordable anymore during the “new normal,” now that tourists are henceforth required to pay a hefty deposit just to enter the country. According to the Cambodia Ministry of Health, foreign travelers must pay a minimum of USD 3,000 (approx. PHP 150,000) to cover COVID-19-related costs that may […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Seasons 1 to 15 are Coming to Netflix

Any fans of the medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ out there? The first season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ premiered 15 years ago in March 2005, and has grown quite a fanbase all around the world. If you are a fan of the show and are as addicted to Netflix as I am, then you will be ecstatic […]
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LOOK: Megan Young Burns Hands, but Cries After Realizing She Can’t Play with Her Nintendo Switch

The pain from burning one’s hands can be unbearable but, to some people, the thought of not being able to play games for a while hurts so much more. This is proven by model-actress Megan Young who, as captured in a video by husband Mikael Daez, broke down in the shower after accidentally burning her […]

Even Local Celebrities are Raving About Kuya Crepes

If there one’s type of food that I always have trouble finding here in Manila, it’s crepes. There used to be an amazing crepe place where I live here in BF Homes, Paranaque; but that sadly closed down. So when I heard about Kuya Crepes, my heart jumped for joy! A proudly French and Filipino […]
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LOOK: Arrested Piston 6 Jeepney Drivers Get Free COVID-19 Test, Thanks to Angel Locsin

Thanks to Angel Locsin’s Shop and Share initiative, she has helped the six jeepney drivers arrested earlier this month get their free COVID-19 rapid test. In a post she shared on Instagram, Angel thanked all those who supported her fundraising project through which she was able to sponsor the tests of the Piston 6 who […]

Sorry, the ‘Tenet’ Movie Won’t Be Premiering Next Month After All — Here’s Why

Warner Bros. is once again delaying the theatrical release of the much-awaited Christopher Nolan-directed Tenet movie which was already scheduled for July. Tenet, which stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, was originally going to be screened on July 17 before being moved to July 31. Now, it’s being postponed one more time in the wake […]


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