Chewbaker’s Pão de Queijo: The Brazilian Cheese Bread You Never Knew You Needed

Bread is life—not only when in Manila, but practically all around the globe. Even though Filipinos have a love-hate relationship with bread (aka carbs), we can’t deny that this has become a household staple at every Filipino table. That’s what sparked the idea behind Pão de Queijo (‘pown-deh-KAY-zho)—a type of Brazilian cheese bread that is […]

UN SDSN Youth launches first youth-led knowledge platform on COVID-19

Launched in 2015, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth (SDSN Youth) is the global youth division of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a non-government initiative meant to empower and engage young people to be part of the movement to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Recently, SDSN Youth was included in the official UN […]

THE MANILA FLING: Virtual Pop-Up is bringing the new look of online shopping

The Manila Fling: Virtual Pop-Up is a month-long online shopping affair happening for the entire duration of July. Featuring over 60 curated brands, this edition of The Manila Fling aims to highlight the resilience of homegrown SMEs and boost their business as they adapt to the new normal.  What’s in store? Centralised The Manila Fling […]

6 Organizations That Were Started During the ECQ

Written by Jenna Wang Even amidst the lockdown, the Philippine youth remains unyielding in the need to bring awareness to their concerns and make their voices heard. Our youth never fails to come together even if it’s just through online talks and workshops. Here is a list of organizations that have been created in the […]
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How To Become A Confident & Effective Homeschooling or Distance Learning Parent In This Time of Pandemic

2020 was so full of surprises. From volcanic ashes, earthquakes, and a deadly virus that has single-handedly stopped all school classes all over the world. While some schools held their graduations via Zoom calls, some schools passed all students without even taking the exams.Like everyone else, your life was probably on auto-pilot, and putting your kids […]

Staying Productive In Quarantine With This 7 Day Decluttering Challenge

The community quarantine has confined most of us in our homes, and it seems like the familiarity of the normalcy of work and productivity is something longing for – at least for me, in my case. Being stuck at home for over three months doing schoolwork, commissions, and editing was a daily routine, and doing […]

The Morning Club: Win The Morning, Win The Day

Along with the inability for people to physically come together, there was a lot of negativity that was going around especially in the news and on social media. The Morning Club was initiated by a group of transformation coaches as a healthy response to our situation today. They wanted to provide a free online support […]
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LTO Implements New Online System for Easier and Safer Transactions

If you have plans of transacting with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) soon, you can now look forward to easier, more convenient, and safer transactions as the agency gradually implements its new online system. According to the LTO, its Land Transport Management System (LTMS) for driver’s license transaction is now servicing 24 LTO offices nationwide. […]

Letting go of the past: A 7-day declutter challenge

Words, images, and videos by Alessandra Sio People generally associate being at home with having lazy, relaxing, and generally unfruitful days,  but there are actually many ways to make homestays productive.  The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) imposed by the government due to COVID 19 required those who weren’t health care workers to stay home which […]

Korean grocery No Brand is going online!

Korean grocery No Brand was an instant hit when it opened in November 2019. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic setting in, it had to close its stores to comply with the government’s quarantine measures. Towards the end of May, No Brand opened its stores again to cater to your needs. Now, to reach more customers, […]
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