Useful Apps from HUAWEI AppGallery to Keep You Sane and Focused During this Quarantine

It’s been over 4 months since the lockdown started so I’m sure every one of us is more stressed now compared last year. In my case, aside from my financial struggles, the hardest would be the mental and emotional stress which I have to endure during this entire process. It’s hard to live alone away […]

16 Shops That Offer Taho Delivery in Metro Manila

“Tahoooooo!” You hear that one word, and you’re probably on your feet scurrying around to look for coins. This sweet and tasty concoction of tofu, syrup, and pearls have become a huge part of Filipino mornings. It’s really a treat when we get to wake up early enough to get our fix from our favorite […]
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WATCH: Maggie Wilson Launches a Vlog Focused on Interior Design

If you religiously followed the community quarantine guidelines, you’ve probably thought about redecorating for home. If you want tips, you might want to get it from Maggie Wilson, who just launched a vlog for interior design. The channel is called Acasa Living and it’s described as a space where you can find “ways to make […]

Bikeyanihan Aims to Raise Funds for Bicycles for Filipino Workers in Need

Since the enhanced community quarantine started, public transportation has become scarce, narrowing down the options of common working people. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many Filipino workers have been left to choose between staying home with no pay or walking miles to go to work. However, there really isn’t much of an choice if you’re the […]

LOOK: Gerald Anderson’s New Cryptic Photo Sparks Romance Speculations

Gerald Anderson has posted something new on his Instagram page and it has since sparked a ton of speculations from fans and followers. The post in question was a photo of him holding the hand of an unidentified woman while surrounded by nature. He captioned it with a quote from a blogpost by philosophy website […]

PinasMunaTayo: Government and Private Sectors Call Upon Pinoys to Eat, Shop, and Travel Local

After almost a three-month enforced lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines starts to re-open businesses urging the public and private sectors to work together in reviving the economy. In an effort to slowly adapt to “new normal” and jumpstart the economy, private sector groups along with several government agencies including the Department of […]

LOOK: This Guy Posted a Meme… and Actually Got an Essay as a Response

I’m sure you are all familiar with this meme by now: (If you aren’t, there you go.) How many of you have shared this meme on your wall? Did anyone actually respond with an essay? Well, someone responded to this guy: Fred Lo shares that he posted this meme as a joke the other day […]
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This Mobile App Wants to Save Small Local Businesses By Helping Them Go Online

These past months, we’ve witnessed a significant rise in local businesses and food establishments going online to adapt to the “new normal” where people are still choosing to self-isolate at home rather than head out to purchase their meals and essentials. But what about all the small brick-and-mortar shops that previously thrived in having a […]

WATCH: The Cast of “Sineskwela” Reunited and it’s Making Us Feel Nostalgic

’90s kids will surely love this: some members of the Sineskwela cast reunited over the weekend via Zoom to reminisce on the program and some of their memorable moments. The live stream was hosted by Icko Gonzalez, popularly known as Kuya Bok. He was joined by Christine Bersola-Babao (Anatom), Brenan Espartinez (Agatom), Sheena Ramos (Palikpik), and […]

In the sPOPlight: Meet These 7 Funko POP Collectors from Funko Funatic Philippines

From its bent knees era to today’s extraordinary innovations of “flocked”, “Chase”, and 10-inch Super Sized variants, Funko’s pop culture toys have ultimately become pop culture itself. Comic book movies premiere along with Funko merchandise. ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘La Casa de Papel’ (‘Money Heist’) Pops! have been as bankable as the Netflix TV series. Animé […]


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