“Magnet:” A Heartwarming Video That Will Make You Appreciate Your Parents More

When I was young, it was hard for me to understand why mom had to go to work every day. I would tell myself, I would never be like that. I would promise to be present at all times. Now that I’m a parent, I never thought I’d believe in the adage that motherhood is the most noble job in the world because what we do for our children is priceless. We set aside our own happiness and, even though, we’re itching to go places, we just can’t. Thankfully, brands like AirAsia, are now more mindful of its consumers. Being cited as “The World’s Best Low-cost Airline” for a decade, they truly live up to it by providing affordable airfare tickets so now, everyone can fly.

In their latest tear-jerker video entitled “Magnet,” the video is about the story of a resilient mother whose dream is to visit South Korea.

But because she has a lot of “mommy duties,”
I’m sure everyone could relate to this!
… she had to wait for the right moment.

Finally, the son was able to give back, so he bought tickets to Seoul Korea as his way of saying “thank you” for his mom’s sacrifices.

The video serves as a reminder for us to not forget about the people who truly love us, and it was perfectly conveyed in the video. Watch it below:

I commend AirAsia for this heartwarming video. The first time I watched it, I was ugly crying at 2 in the morning. I never got the chance to give back to my mom. More importantly, encourage ourselves to try and give back, even in the simplest manner by saying “thank you.”
AirAsia wouldn’t be named as the “Best Low-Cost Carrier” for years for nothing. Thank you for reminding us that achieving our travel goals with you is “sky is the limit.”
Can’t wait to see the second episode!
Who else can relate? If you were to take your parents somewhere, where would it be and why?