5 things we learned at Comic Con Asia

Comic Con Asia is officially over and while it’s a bittersweet feeling saying goodbye to a geeky gathering of epic proportions, we’re glad to have learned some things along the way! Meeting the celebrity guests, going around the convention, and seeing some of the wonderful art has taught us so much!

Here are 5 things we learned at Comic Con Asia!
5. The Overwatch voice actors have yet to try Jollibee (and they’re excited!)

Feodor Chin, Carolina Ravassa, Anjali Bihmani, and Jen Cohn were so animated and excited to be at Comic Con Asia! With infectious energy and big smiles, they all talked about Overwatch, their characters, and their time here in the Philippines. Grinning, Jen Cohn said that everyone’s been asking them if they’ve had Jollibee yet, to which she replied with: “Not yet, but we’re excited to!”

The fun foursome were all smiles while fielding questions and were genuine with their answers. Whether it was about how chill Zenyatta is (and how much Feodor wants to emulate his chillness and not give people the finger in LA traffic) or how a family in Honolulu touched their hearts with their story, these voice actors were genuine and seemed to enjoy themselves.
4. Holland Roden was supposed to go into medicine! (And she also loves sisig)

Beacon Hills’ own banshee arrived fresh-faced from her trip to Palawan and sat with a smile on her face, detailing how medicine was also a passion of hers. The young actress almost went into medicine but chose to act instead and has definitely enjoyed her time!

Another thing we learned about the starlet is how she finds it funny how she is dubbed in other countries. In Italy, for example, people can tell that a 35-year old Italian woman is providing her voice so it sounds funny because she plays a 17-year old high schooler!
She also talked about how much she enjoyed sisig and the Palawan sun. Here’s to hoping she gets to enjoy some more!
3. Dacre Montgomery deals with bashers by trying to understand them like he did with his childhood bullies

“I got bullied in school,” Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things star, confided as he talked about how he dealt with haters. Detailing how he used to get picked on in school because he was a big kid, he says that he tries to understand these people. He says that everyone comes from somewhere, that we are all products of our upbringings and our families. So he always tries to figure out where these bashers are coming from, what’s informing their actions.

Echoing this statement, the other celebrity guests agreed, saying that it’s necessary sometimes to remind these kids that they are talking to a person. Roden says that it’s a “telephone game” with kids and sometimes you have to respond like she did over Instagram a while back. She agrees that sometimes people can get carried away but it’s alright to stand up for yourself on social media.
He also briefly touched on how people want to fight him sometimes because of the character he plays but he quickly explains that he is not his character. Laughing, he says that he just wants to get a drink and not have to fight anyone.
2. Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger, believes that playing a superhero encourages him to be a better person

Sometimes, playing a superhero means that you have to keep being a role model to others even offscreen. And Walter Jones has taken on that responsibility and tried to live accordingly. And while emulating one’s character even beyond a movie screen isn’t required, he believes that the justice and goodness his character has is something he aspires to embody.

As one of the new power rangers, Dacre even says that he looked up to Jones when they were filming the new Power Rangers movie, proving just how much of a hero he really is. The rest of the guests agreed that it’s amazing to be able to touch the lives of people they’ve never even met and hear their stories. And if they can emulate and keep up that good that their characters have, the more good will come out of it, too!
1. Pro-tip: Wear comfy shoe!s (Oof! So much respect for those cosplayers with complicated footwear!)

Convention pro-tip: Wear. Comfy Shoes. Most important thing we learned! But, beyond this, we have so much respect for the cosplayers walking around barefoot or in complicated footwear! We saw mechas, robots, even Iron Man and we were wondering how in the world they managed to walk around! It really is an art, one that we’ve grown to respect even more now that we’ve witnessed some seasoned cosplayers take the stage.
We just can’t wait for the next convention! Will we be seeing you there? Let us know!