7 Ways to Enjoy Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental

Love mountains? Need to escape from the heat and pollution of city life? Want to get away from the crowd? If so, Don Salvador Benedicto could easily become your happy place.
The municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto, or DSB for short, is a highland town located north of Negros Occidental.   It can be reached in about an hour if you take bus trip from Bacolod City.  Since we came from Sagay City, an ecotourism destination in the Northern tip of Negros Occidental when we headed to DSB, we took the bus to this town via San Carlos City.

Being one of the few places in the country with cooler weather, DSB has been dubbed as the “Little Baguio” of Negros Occidental. The town is also a part of the protected area covered under the Northern Negros Natural Park.  Don Salvador Benedicto is endowed with lush forests, verdant mountains, and abundant natural water sources.  Continue reading and pick your items of things to do in Don Salvador Benedicto.
7 Ways to Enjoy Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental
7. Get a sweeping view of the mountains at the View Deck.

Along the winding highway of Don Salvador Benedicto is a viewing deck where you can see a vista of mountains with rice terraces and a view of Talos River.  Beside the view deck is a Lion Statue built by the Lions Club of Bacolod, which has now become a landmark of DSB.
6. Smell the scent of pine trees.

A section of the highway in DSB along Barangay Igmaya-an is rimmed with pine trees.  Along this row, you will find an entrance to a surprisingly large area planted with pine trees.  The property is privately owned, but is fortunately open to the public for free.
5. Taste the sweetest pineapples ever.

I am not exaggerating.  DSB has the sweetest and juiciest pineapples I have ever tasted.  (Bukidnon’s pineapples come in second.)  We bought pineapples from a fruit vendor at the side street of the Pine Tree plantation entrance.  The vendor was nice enough to slice up the pineapple for us.
4. See Mt. Kanlaon, the most active volcano in Central Philippines.

Because Don Salvador Benedicto is generally devoid of commercial establishments, unobstructed views of the surrounding natural environment are not hard to find.  A simple drive through its roads and highways will give you stunning views of Mt. Kanlaon.
3. Wake up to a mountain view.

Accommodations are limited in Don Salvador Benedicto.  What you will find here are a few mountain resorts and retreat houses.  With DSB’s high altitude, a place to stay with a mountain view is not uncommon.  We chose to stay at Salvio Vacation Villa located at Km 55 just near the highway, which we booked through Airbnb.  The best part of our stay was waking up to a beautiful sunrise and having the luxury to watch this from our room’s balcony.
2. Trek and cross the river to Maglahos River Tunnel.

Maglahos River Tunnel is a naturally formed tunnel carved through the years by the eroding action of the river.  Getting to Maglahos River Tunnel will involve just the right amount of walking down (and hiking up on your way back) and some ankle deep river crossing.  Our motorcycle driver served as our guide going there, as well.
1. Trek to Malatan-og Falls.

Malatan-og Falls in Barangay Kumaliskis is definitely one of Don Salvador Benedicto’s gems.  Stop at the jump-off point along the highway, then register and pay the environmental fee at the Viewing Deck.  A guide is required by the Office of the Protected Area Superintendent – Northern Negros Natural Park, who will be provided after you register at the Viewing Deck.
The trek down takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  A few portions of the trek are a bit steep, so be careful and ensure you are wearing shoes or sandals with a good grip.  In the end, you’ll be rewarded with the majestic Malatan-og Falls. You can swim in the waters or bring your own food and drinks, but remember to collect your trash in a bag for proper disposal when you hike back up.
There goes 7 ways to enjoy Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental.  DSB is a relatively unspoiled travel destination.  Let’s contribute to keeping it that way by being mindful of how we impact the environment as we travel.