Best of Anime 2018: The Winning Moments at the All-Star OTP Cosplay Competition

Words by Danielle Castillo
Photos by Meghan Sevilla
After a long and hard day of work, one of my fave ways to take the stress off is to just lie down in bed and watch anime, and just allow it to transport you into another world. But for many anime fans, simply being a viewer won’t be enough—they want to feel as if they’re a part of it.
The annual anime event, Best of Anime, offers anime lovers nationwide the opportunity to share their passion for Japanese animation with fellow enthusiasts. We were present at Best of Anime 2018, and here are some of the winning moments in the first day event All Star Cosplay Competition OTP Edition.
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4. Goku and Vegeta from Dragonball Z

If you grew up in the 90s with Dragonball Z playing every morning on the TV just like us, chances are you’ll find this Goku x Vegeta skit from these cosplayers awesome. From the trademark Super Saiyan hair to the cool powers such as KAMEHAMEHA (we swear it’s pronounced as KA-ME-HA-ME…HAAAAAAA!!!), this cosduo’s got it covered.
3. Sasuke and Naruto from Naruto

I’ve been a huge SasuNaru shipper ever since my elementary days and seeing this pair on stage made me feel so. Much. Joy! The passionate battle between Sasuke and Naruto as reenacted by the cosplayers left the audience truly in awe. I mean, they even had the shouting-each-other’s-names-in-extremely-hoarse-manner part down to a T!
2. Lancer and Berserker from Fate/Zero

While I admit that I haven’t really watched Fate/Zero yet, this intense battle by the two characters still left me speechless. In OTPs, passion is the most important thing, and this pair seemed to have a lot of it.
1. Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

If the other pairs boasted extreme and flashy fight scenes, these cosplayers embodied the romantic side of the word OTP. We saw Howl and Sophie dance their way out of life-threatening trouble and how they held each other close when they took flight to the skies. What’s even more kilig is that they even portrayed the movie’s amazing ending scene. I won’t spoil! You need to watch it for yourself if you want to know. ;)
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You can watch the official livestream video here below!

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All-Star Cosplay Competition: OTP Edition
Posted by Best of Anime on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Aside from the outstanding performances by the cosplayers, Best of Anime 2018 also featured an Anime Sing-Off event, where contestants proved their musical prowess in Japanese songs (specifically anime OSTs) by battling it out with each other on the platform.

Multiple genres, each with the diverse singing styles employed by the contestants, resounded throughout the venue of the convention. Hits like Blue Bird, Fighting Dreamers, and Nande mo nai ya were performed and even had the audience cheering and singing along.
Best of Anime 2018 was a two-day event held in SMX Convention Hall Mall of Asia. The event aims to unite anime lovers and enthusiasts in a place where they can freely express their love for the art. Now on its 9th year, the convention has gained over tens of thousands of visitors flocking to the event every time it is held. If you love anime, then we highly encourage you to join Best of Anime next year.
Best Of Anime