LOOK: This Christian Church Hosts a Mass Wedding for LGBTs Every Year

I know a lot of people in the LGBT community who have claimed that they have stopped going to church because of the judgment that they feel whenever they hear a sermon. (Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all churches are like that; maybe they are just unfortunate to have gone to ones that are.)
In case you have felt this kind of judgement yourself, you might be happy to hear that there is actually an LGBTs Christian Church in Manila, which consists of a community that believes in Jesus Christ. The LGBTs Christian Church ministers to the LGBT community in the Philippines and in Asia, working as a safe space to worship, regardless of sexes, sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions.

Photo from the LGBTs Christian Church Philippines’ Facebook page.
One of the biggest things that they do is advocate marriage equality in the Philippines and to stress their advocacy, they hold a mass wedding every year during Pride Month. Just earlier today, the LGBTs Christian Church hosted a mass wedding for nine same-sex couples at the Le Village Lifestyle Park in Quezon City.
Despite the fact that these unions technically aren’t legal in our country, it’s really the thought behind it that matters. Besides, who knows? Maybe all this will change one day. One can hope and dream.