WATCH: This Video Shows Why It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

Is it really never too late to create new beginnings?
It’s a universal human experience—we’re all just in a search for something. Life is a series of forks in the road, and sometimes we might find ourselves asking, what if? What if I chose another path? What if I was braver back then? What if I didn’t put my dreams on hold? What if I traveled the world, like I always dreamed I would?
This video, uploaded by hotel and flight booking app Traveloka, shows us that it’s never really too late to go after your dreams. Aptly titled Get Up and Live, the video has tugged on many netizens’ heartstrings that it has already garnered almost 3 million views just on YouTube alone. On Facebook, its views are close to a million.
Curious? The surprise twist in this one might melt your heart. Watch the video below:

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In this video, a man prepares for what is noted on his calendar as a “big trip”. He gets a Traveloka flight alert on his phone, and off he goes to the airport and flies to his destination. He meets friendly faces along the way, even taking their photo on his vintage film camera and joining them for a drink or two. He is also seen exploring his dream destination by himself, kayaking through serene waters and taking a trek through the woods. Back at his lodging by the beach, he takes his hat off, and the big twist is unveiled—the grey hair and the lines around his happy eyes reveal that the solitary traveler we’ve been following is actually a man of age.
But his big smile and the glow in his eyes say it all—this is a person happy to be finally living his dream.
This heart-warming video sends across an important message: that no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you are now, you can always create new beginnings and start again. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. And for the man in the video, that dream is to travel.

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Time for you to Get Up and Live
Share the same dreams of traveling? It’s time for you to Get Up and Live! Don’t put your dreams on hold. You can make it happen! Wouldn’t it be great to actually see and experience those places you only see on Instagram in real life?
After all, in this digital age, there are so many tools available to us to help us achieve our dreams. Traveloka, for example, is an amazing tool for efficient and cost-effective travel. You can book both flights and hotels directly through them, they don’t charge booking fees so all prices shown are final, plus, the website and app interface is super easy to use for everyone.
But here are our favorites. Just like in the video, you can make the most out of your travels because of Traveloka’s special features:
For flights:

  • PRICE ALERTS that monitors the price of your tracked flight as it increases or decreases. It also sends notifications straight to your phone to make sure you get only the best price.
  • BEST PRICE FINDER that gives you a calendar view of various flights from different airlines according to price so you can easily search destinations by what fits your budget!

For hotels:

  • VARIOUS PAYMENT OPTIONS. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a credit card. The various payment options on Traveloka makes booking super convenient. You can pay via on 7-Eleven stores or do online bank transfer using your BDO or BPI account. These two modes of payments are the best options because of the low fees, but over-the-counter payments through banks and pawnshops are also possible. This feature is available for booking flights, too!

Ready to finally go on your dream adventure? Remember, it’s never too late to create new beginnings.
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