Why I just stick that new sticker on my laptop without thinking too much about it

Photo by KC Canlas
It always takes me a long time to stick a new sticker on my laptop.
I always worry that it might be a little askew and that it might not be in the perfect place.
I find it difficult to write the first words on a brand new notebook, thinking my handwriting is not perfect and my thoughts are worthless, and writing will mess up how pristine the notebook is.
I hate unwrapping gifts. I don’t like destroying the wrapper because the gift won’t look perfect anymore.
Then, it just hit me.
Things don’t have to be perfect but what I have to do is to enjoy the smallest pleasures in life while they last.
Tearing the gift wrapper means enjoying the anticipation to see a surprise.
Writing on a new notebook gives me something to read back years in the future and shock myself thinking how amazing that I have thought of that.
Now, I just stick any sticker on my laptop.
I don’t care if it’s askew.
It’s always askew but the few seconds of sticking that sticker are fun, and it is perfect. 
Originally posted via When In Manila KC Facebook Page