WOW: Filipino seaman survives near-death experience, floating in Florida’s waters for 4 hours!

Hearing this story gives us the chills! It perfectly reminded me of the family that recently survived the accident of a rock falling on their SUV on Kennon road. 
In a Facebook page entitled “Seaman Problems”, a seaman named Loreto Miles Moscoso III, who was in Florida when it happened, was able to confess his near-death experience at sea.
According to GMA News, Moscoso graduatde BS Marine Transportation from JBLCF Bacolod.

The post’s rough translation:

I was on duty (0400-0800) ‘’Kwatro otso’’; and was waiting for the pilot to board then at 0500H. The chief officer gave me an order to go down unlash the cargo containers so that it will be ready to discharge in port. When I went down the ship’s deck, me and bosun prepared the Pilot ladder, after that, bosun gave me instructions to help my crew companion (DTRN) to unlash the remaining cargoes in Bay 24, and to put back the rubber carpets that we got the other day because we needed to direct those platforms. We needed to put back those platforms because that’s where we needed to place the short and long bar that if we unlash it to the cargo. Bosun went to the front part of the ship to open the bow thruster claps and unlash the anchor. A minute later, bosun also went to Bay 24 to help us.
Bosun went with the deck trainee in the port side containers but it wasn’t as far. I think It’s about 6 to 8 meters away from me (It was visible because I could see them.) There’s also light but not well illuminated and the container in Bay 24 is reefer so we expected the fan noise blowing from the machine. And that time, when that happened to me, I also walked towards the starboard side (at the end of the ship) to unlash the seaside cargo. When I was at my position, I started to lose the running buckle then suddenly I took a step not knowing there wasn’t anything to step on, that’s when I fell. I didn’t manage to get a hold of the things around me because it was unexpected, even then I realized that I just got shocked that I fell. When I fell off the ship my right back side was hit by a hard object that caused a fracture in my spinal cord.
When I was in the water, it took seconds for me to swim above the surface because the force of my fall was strong, so it took a while for me to reach atop.  I swam away from the ship because I thought that I could get caught by the propeller because it was near the stern. I shouted, “Man overboard!!!” I couldn’t remember how many times I shouted, but I figured I still couldn’t be heard because it was noisy above the reefer container.

I was panicking that time; I drank a lot of seawater. I could’ve drowned and I almost lost hope. I thought it was going to be the end of my life, but I was wrong.  That time, I felt that I was already losing air. Yes, I was exhausted, because I exerted too much energy from panicking and I really didn’t know what to do. The thing that hurt me the most is seeing your vessel sailing away from you, that no one from there even knew that fell. That time, it made me want to burst into tears, like that was the very saddest part of my life. I felt like giving up.
Suddenly, I felt something light, as if it was pulling you upwards! That moment, I realized the Lord was with me already. He really helped me rise above the surface of the water so that I can breathe easily. I thought of helping myself, too. I rapidly took off my coveralls and safety shoes because I figured that was what was making me feel heavy.  The only bad thing is, I didn’t hold my radio on my neck since it was clipped on my coverall. I just realized the radio was the most important thing that I will hold on to because it was still with me when I was at the surface, I could have called anyone in the ship and they would immediately find out my situation and take action. I was out of my mind, that’s why I couldn’t think properly.
I was the only one out in the ocean without a life jacket, or any floating device that I could hold on. I couldn’t’ do anything else but float since my body could relax at that state. I stayed afloat ’til I could see the sunrise then it also made me think that I was near land, since buildings were at sight. I asked myself, why not try to swim it? So I did. I saw some couple boats and a yacht passed; so I shouted and waved my hand but I still wasn’t heard or seen. I yelled loud enough for me to drink seawater, but no one was able to take notice so I left it alone. I was really expecting that help would come, so I didn’t give up. I thought of just staying still and stay afloat, since I pretty much had nothing else to do. I didn’t lose hope and I believed in myself that I could reach the coast – the most powerful thing that guided me was prayer!
Unbelievably, I saw one huge shark! It was two times bigger than me and that it got me nervous and scared! Yes, I was swimming for an hour already but I didn’t expect to see the shark. I remained calm and continued to swim. It was circling around me, like it was thinking, “What the hell is this thing?!” Lol, but seriously, I couldn’t do anything if it ate me alive. It left for few minutes then circled me again. I didn’t lose hope and I continued to swim afloat just to survive until help will come.

After a couple of hours, I saw a helicopter heading towards me and I looked up and thought, finally, help is here. I was sure that it was rescue because the helicopter was red, then I saw the man above the helicopter pointing into something. I looked what he was pointing at, it was the rescue boat of the US Coast Guard! I felt relief and mixed emotions. All I can say is, “Thank you, Lord.” Like endless thank you’s. When the coast guard reached for my hand, they pulled me off the water and brought me inside the boat. I cried immensely. I couldn’t imagine what happened to me and what amazed me was that the coastguard told me that I swam about 4 miles from the part I fell off from until place where they picked me up! [I was also told that] I stayed in the ocean for 4 hours without a life vest or any floatation device. I was speechless. Even the coast guard was really amazed by what I did and how I managed to survive that long. Yes, it’s unbelievable, but you will realize that was just extreme survival that I experienced! After that, they checked my BP and all the other tests they have in the boat. My blood pressure was low and I was dehydrated. They injected dextrose. The coast guard continued to talk to me like they couldn’t believe how I stayed in the water that long. They said ‘’you are a MIRACLE, son!’’ with the smile on their face.
I really thanked them for saving my life, especially the Lord for using them as an instrument. When we reached the port, they directly placed me in the ambulance and sent me to the hospital. They sent me to the emergency room, and they did all the tests and exams. The nurses and doctors never left me alone. They all did their best just to make sure that I will be fine.
Accidents may happen anytime. Those will happen at unexpected times. So I advice you all that the most important thing that you will always remember in your mind is to put safety first. Most importantly, pray and have faith in the Lord and believe in yourself. Never give up!

Truly a miracle! We’re so glad that you’re okay, Loreto!
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