The Heat Is on as Mimi & Bros Brings Back Its Fiery Fried Chicken Series

The signature Mimi & Bros Fried Chicken takes on a new form of happy with its spicy comeback as the Fiery Fried Chicken. Made with an assortment of spices and its special house-blend hot sauce, Mimi & Bros’ Fiery Fried Chicken is the hottest that Mimi & Bros has ever been. Be sure to taste the difference as this spicy take […]

WATCH: The Trailer Introducing the Super Bowl Halftime Performers for the Year Has Got Us HYPED

Each year, we watch the Super Bowl halftime performance because it’s always a spectacular mini-concert. Some of our favorite performances are by Diana Ross (1996), Madonna (2012), Beyonce (2013), Katy Perry (2015), Coldplay (2016), Lady Gaga (2017), and Shakira and Jennifer Lopez (2020). Pepsi recently revealed this year’s lineup in a trailer and it got […]

WATCH: The Opening Credits of “The Lord of the Rings” Series Is Not Made With CGI and It’s Mesmerizing

One of the series we’re excited to watch is the TV adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. It was recently announced that the series will be called The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It’s set to be a prequel and is set thousands of years before the trilogy we know and […]

These Birthstone Pendants Make for Great Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift to give the beautiful woman in your life? Mikana, well-known for offering stunning jewelry collections for fandoms like Sailor Moon and BTS, has recently launched a new collection that every woman will love: birthstone pendants. Birthstone jewelry is always special because they are unique and personal to the recipient. They […]

Here Are the Top 10 Filipino Food Creators On Tiktok

Other than dance videos and viral memes, food videos are the kind of content we just can’t get enough of on Tiktok. From mukbangs to recipes, from restaurant recommendations to unique foodie finds, there’s a lot to discover on Tiktok thanks to the many food creators on the platform. Curious to follow the best ones […]
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Here’s What the “Lizzie McGuire” Revival Would Be About if It Pushed Through

We were sad when it was announced that the Lizzie McGuire revival would be canceled. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, actress Hilary Duff shared what the series would have been about if it aired. She said, “My character was moving back home with her parents because she caught her soon-to-be fiancé cheating on her, and […]

Climathon Pasig 2021 Lauds Citizen-Led Winning Ideas, Pilot Implementation Next

Written by Angela DiazClimathon Pasig Camp and Ideathon 2021 concluded with three climate champions – Team GreEngineers, Team Hortons, and Team Ensemble. Now, they can make their ideas into realities and help solve their city’s most pressing environmental issues.On its third year, of the 229 registered participants, ten citizen-led teams pitched and presented their climate […]

Catch Asian Consulting Group’s Chairman and CEO, Mon Abrea, in New York City

Asian Consulting Group’s Chairman and CEO, Mon Abrea, is in New York City to give an Investment and Tax Briefing this coming January 28, 2022 from 6:30PM to 7:30PM EST 7:30AM January 29, 2022 Philippine Time). As part of Asian Consulting Group’s continuous efforts towards creating a healthy economic recovery through better tax practices, The […]

5 Fried Chicken Recipes From Around the World (and Why the Philippines Stands Out)

If you look at any list of the world’s most popular dishes, we’re willing to bet that there’s a fried chicken dish somewhere near the top. Every country has its iconic version which reflects the food culture and community that invented it. While there is no shortage of ways that the world has transformed and […]


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