5 Things to Remember If You’re a First Time Trail Runner

They say that if you love road running, you might not like hitting the mountain trails. For many outdoor enthusiasts nowadays, though, that isn’t true! In fact, many people enjoy trail running because it’s like a combined sport of our outdoor favorites: running and hiking!
Naturally, as with any other outdoor sport, you need to properly prepare for trail running, especially if you plan on joining a race! Are you ready for the challenge of running the beaten path?
5 Things to Remember If You’re a First Time Trail Runner
5. Get Proper Training.

Useful Tips on How to Choose an Ideal Hotel for your Next Staycation

Having a hard time deciding on where to book your well-deserved staycation here in the metro? Let me help you out….
I’m a frequent traveller and I love staying in hotels. My work here at When In Manila has been really awesome over the years, because I get to travel the world and meet all sorts of people. Yeah, it is fun to travel, but sometimes, I still yearn for a bit of time off… free from any shoots or itineraries. That’s why whenever I have extra time and budget, I treat myself by booking a hotel for a couple of days just to rest and recharge.

6 Types of Pinoy Street Food That Will Make You Nostalgic

Article by: Arielle Choy
One of my favorite parts of being a Filipino is the good food that can be found all over the country. A country’s food can say a lot about its culture and its people. Since it’s back to school season again, let’s take a look at some distinctly Pinoy after-school snack items that not only filled our bellies, but also bring us comfort when we reminisce about them.
6 Types of Pinoy Street Food That Will Make You Nostalgic
6. Taho

WATCH: These floating barriers look like a human-sized centipede in the flood

Filipinos do like to find joy amidst the storms in life (for this case, a literal storm). While heavy downpour covered the city this afternoon, this netizen was able to witness the flood level rising in Caloocan, except there’s something quite different.
The road barriers started moving – or floating, for this case. It looks like a human-sized centipede finding its way through the flood!
According to Dubria, this was captured at around 5 PM, around Almar Zabarte area in Caloocan.
Stay safe and dry everyone!

READ: Sentiments of one of the occupants in the crushed vehicle in Kennon Road

Yes, they’re all alive and well.
After that terrifying accident along Kennon Road (near Baguio) that happened last weekend, many netizens were left wondering if the occupants of the crushed SUV survived.
Facebook user Malbert Longbuan Gansuen was able to catch the post of one of the occupants of the car, sharing his sentiments about the incident.

The post’s rough translation:

WATCH: Chris Pratt’s MTV Generation Award Acceptance Speech will INSPIRE you!

Dua Lipa’s got ‘new rules’, right? Chris Pratt has his own, too.
Just recently, the American actor won the MTV Generation Award at the prestigious MTV Movie and Tv Awards held at Santa. Monica, California.
His speech has inspired many, especially members of the youth. He spoke of the “nine rules” he implemented to “survive”.

FULL STORY: Netizen shares precaution about broken car windows, a new modus operandi

Yikes. This guy’s belongings were stolen from his car – his car windows were broken into!
Juanito Gregorio shared it on his Facebook account how he does not feel safe regardless of where he’s at.

WATCH: The streets of Japan celebrate after Historic World Cup Win Vs. Colombia

If you’ve been following World Cup 2018, you’ve probably seen the historic win of Japan against Colombia with a score of 2-1. It is a historic win because it is said to be the first time an Asian country has defeated a South American country in World Cup. The previous record showed 14 losses and 3 draws.
Due to this win, the streets of Japan, especially the often-busy crosswalk in Shibuya, was packed with people celebrating the Blue Samurais.
Watch the video below shared via Twitter:


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