LOOK: This cinema lets you bring any food ‘your heart desires’

Recently, a hot topic going around the internet is the announcement made by a giant mall chain about banning “outside food” inside their cinemas.

LOOK: Jay-Z is first rapper to become a billionaire

Looks like Jay-Z has Dr. Dre beat to it in becoming the richest hip-hop artist.
According to a Forbes report, Jay-Z’s net worth has officially reached a billion dollars. This is based on his total income from various businesses with “a healthy amount to account for a superstar lifestyle” deducted from it.

Xiaomi showcases tech that makes the selfie camera ‘disappear’

Xiaomi is apparently working on a technology that makes the selfie (or front) camera “disappear.”
The company announced the under-display camera on their social media networks. They posted a quick video on Twitter that demonstrates how this tech works.
Check it out below.

You can do these 7 self-care rituals right now even if you’re broke AF!

Over recent years, “self-care” has boomed so much that it’s become its own industry. We’re not complaining. Self-care is an important part of our lives after all. However, you don’t always need to spend cash to treat yourself! These 7 self-care rituals are so basic and doable that you can do them right now, as in… well, at least after you’ve read this article.

Should ‘Outside Food’ Be Allowed Inside the Cinema?

Have you ever been excited to see a movie so you get to the cinema a couple of hours before showtime, purchase a ticket, and carry on to buy food from your favorite fast-food chain or restaurant just because you weren’t feeling like eating popcorn or whatever they had at the snack bar? And then you carry your take-out with you and fall in line only to be stopped by the theater personnel from entering the cinema because you have “outside food”.

Student Is Too Late To Attend Class, Watches Lecture Via Video Chat Instead

Here’s a situation we all know too well: you were up late the night before completing requirements for a class, you hope to God that your alarm wakes you up despite feeling the sleep deprivation in your bones, you go to sleep and wake up…much later than you’re supposed to. It’s a common experience in college, and when it happens we usually just give up and go back to sleep.

Relax, You Don’t Need To Have Your Whole Life Planned Out Ahead Of You

The world operates under this dominant narrative that everyone has a purpose in life, and we should do everything to find or fulfill that purpose. We are told from the time we are children that we are ‘meant for something’, that ‘there’s a plan for us’. But as we enter adulthood we begin to realize that we’re all just flailing around, no one less lost than the other.

CARA Needs Help to Continue Its Mission of Rescuing Animals!

CARA Welfare Philippines is appealing to animal lovers everywhere to help them continue their mission of rescuing our local furry friends!
CARA took to Instagram to ask for support as they face rising costs of sustaining their animal shelters as well as the increasing number of abandoned animals in their custody.

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Darren Espanto Celebrates 5 Years in Showbiz with a Throwback Post to The Voice Kids Audition

It’s been five years since Darren Espanto stole the spotlight as a contestant and eventual finalist of The Voice Kids Philippines in 2014.
To commemorate how far he’s gone, he took to Instagram to share a clip from his blind auditions dated June 1, 2014 which he said changed the course of his life forever. “Fast forward to today and here I am living my dream,” he wrote.

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I Finished School Without Any Honors or Awards, And That’s Okay

Most articles like this will tell you that graduating with honors won’t really matter in the workplace. That at most, it gives you a bit of an advantage when applying for a position but is still not a guarantee. As someone who has never worked in Human Resources, I can’t tell you whether this is true or not. 
(Stop hating and let people celebrate their achievements)


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