LOL! South Korean players exchanged shirts during training to fool Team Sweden at the World Cup!

Using anything and everything to your advantage is a great tactic for any competition. Especially the World Cup!
Russia 2018 has kicked off (heh, excuse the pun) and it’s been very exciting so far! There have been dramatic, come-from-behind wins and devastating losses. But every match, so far, has proven fantastic. My blood is pumping just thinking about it.

READ: This random piece of paper moved this movie goer

Life gives you random anecdotes at the most random places. You can pick it up from circumstances, people you bump into, or even stories.
For the case of Amiel Ryan Bicaldo, what seemed to be a normal day to catch the latest film turned out to be an experience he’d never forget.

WATCH: The “Stranger Things” kids greet their dad, Steve Harrington, a happy father’s day!

Aww! We love these kids more and more every day! And we’re super excited for Season 3!
In a cute little compilation of videos, the Stranger Kids cast greeted their de facto father Steve Harrington a happy father’s day. Each of the kids gave their own sweet little dedication to the older kid, the same older kid who took care of them for most of Season 2. When Steve wasn’t interacting with his fellow older kids, he was making sure the youngins were alive and take care of.
So of course they wanted to show their gratitude with this adorable video!
Watch it here:

Hong Kong and Bordeaux Strengthen Ties to Promote Wine and Food

To further strengthen the cooperation between Hong Kong and Bordeaux in terms of promoting wine and food tourism, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and Bordeaux Greats Events signed the first Memorandum of Understanding – Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Bordeaux Métropole on Wine and Food Tourism Promotion (MoU) – on June 16, 2018 at the Bordeaux Wine Festival.

WATCH: 25-year-old American creates a tribute for the Philippines he now calls home

There’s so much to love about the Philippines. It’s no surprise why foreigners want to move and start a life here – with reasons such as its warm people, genuine hospitality, beautiful scenic spots and more.
25-year old Aaron Lapkin first came to the Philippines last year from Colorado, USA, because he wanted to learn how to make films. His brother was a great influence in following his footsteps in the arts – while Lapkin was teaching in China, he observed and admired how his brother succeed as a writer in Hollywood for a reputable production studio.

5 Things We Learned about Andy Grammer After Watching His Manila Concert

Words by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga/ Photos by: Gia Allana Soriano
So suddenly I’m in love with a stranger… named Andy Grammer.
American singer-songwriter Andy Grammer flew to Manila for a one-night concert held at the Music Museum last June 7, 2018.You may know him through his hits “Keep your Head Up”, “Fine by Me”, and “Fresh Eyes”.
After witnessing him perform live and up-close, we learned about how great of a human being he truly is, and now, we just love him even more!
5 Things We Learned about Andy Grammer After Watching His Manila Concert

I Met Lea Salonga After Watching Her on Broadway and It Was So Surreal!

Article by: Michaela Acero
If you’re a super updated Broadway or Lea Salonga fan, you probably know that the two have joined together once again for the remake of the classic musical, Once on This Island (which won the 2018 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical!).

Meet the New Rakstars for the 6th Season of Rak of Aegis

Words by Marie Modesto / Photos by Chris Cancio
It’s no surprise why the Filipino fan favorite Rak of Aegis gets renewed time and time again. Showgoers keep coming back for more – and for good reason. Now on its 6th run, we still find ourselves excited to sing along with Brgy. Vinizia again while they belt out “Basang-basa sa Ulan”, “Para Kay Aileen”, and “Luha”.

Maria Maria Restorante: Where Old Meets New

If you are tired of your same old go-to restaurant at Greenhills, it’s time to check out a hidden gem at Xavier Residences. Maria Maria Restorante has a classic charm that lures family and friends into taking a break from the busy-ness of the world for an afternoon of home-cooked comfort meals.


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