IT: Chapter 2 has the bloodiest horror movie scene ever

After great reviews from the first movie, fans now are pretty excited for the second one. And you boy, brace yourself because comments from one of the film’s stars will make you even more thrilled for this movie!
When Jessica Chastain appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, they talked about the upcoming film. Jessica even mentioned the amount of blood featured in one scene.

Jehza Huelar-Simon is first-ever married reigning queen of Binibing Pilipinas

Jehza recently ties a knot with PBA player, PJ Simon making her the first ever married reigning queen in the Binibining Pilipinas history! How did it happen? Basically, before Huelar submitted herself one last time for a possible title run, she is already set to marry Simon.
Photo from Mayad Studios
Last year, Huelar was crowned as Binibining Pilipinas – Supranational 2018. With all the preparations for the upcoming Miss Supranational pageant in Poland, she was already discreetly preparing for her own wedding.

LOOK: Dylan Sprouse dyed his hair blue!

According to Dylan’s Instagram story, he just made an unexpected yet bold change — he dyed his hair blue! Now, that is some serious hair transformation! Daring choice, yeah?
When the twins were last photographed together at the premiere of Five Feet Apart, Dylan had a dirty blonde hair while Cole was sporting dark locks.
Photo from Getty Images

Thailand 101: A Quick 2019 Getaway Guide to Bangkok

This year, I’m fortunate to be given another opportunity to visit one of my most favorite countries in the world – Thailand!
I love Thailand! Nevermind the humid weather. I just really resonate so much with everything that Thailand has to offer. Fell in love with Thailand during my 1st visit years ago and even thought about working in Bangkok as an English teacher. I had to decline however since I’m already pretty happy with my current job then but who knows? Maybe someday right?

More Than Just A Love Story: 8 Local Romantic Indie Films that Tackle Social Issues

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor
When we talk about rom-coms or romantic comedy films, we often think of films focused on fate and how two lovers were a match made in heaven despite all the odds. But aside from the kilig, many new films these days are also taking on the challenge of tackling socially relevant issues. There’s a new breed of romantic films that aren’t based on cliches nor are cheesy.
Here are 10 local romantic indie films that are more than just love stories, and dwell mostly on socially relevant issues:
8. Baka Bukas (2016)

Why Do We Keep Stalking Our Ex on Social Media Even if it Hurts Us?

Words by Cathlyn Mae Botor
Sure. It was some good months or maybe even years spent together. You shared your hopes and innermost feelings with this person, and maybe even dreams of a future together, too. But now, it has come to an end. And, of course, the pain is still there. But why do we keep stalking our ex on social media even if it hurts us?

LOOK: This Milk Tea is Infused With Alcohol!

Let’s be honest. When you hear the word milk tea, a lot of familiar brands already come to mind, along with the familiar taste.  But a group of entrepreneurs decided to take a different route and elevate milk tea to another level; a tipsier level.

LOOK: This Luxurious Bed & Breakfast Offers A Majestic View of the City

Staycations usually mean lounging around inside the comfy rooms of a hotel or vacation house, not really minding what’s outside. Staycations also usually mean that one can’t really stay away from responsibilities that are waiting in the city. Well, who says you can’t enjoy a quiet staycation with a taste of the beautiful outdoors while being near enough to your responsibilities?


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