6 Fast Facts about TALA, OPM’s Newest Star

Words by: Michaela “Mica” Acero / Graphics by: Jillian Bueno
Can you believe it? There’s already another amazing local artist on the rise! I swear, the local music industry has been churning artists out like crazy lately! Definitely someone to look out for, 18-year-old Tala Gil or TALA, is Universal Records’ latest Pop-R&B sensation.

Broad Ass Week 49

This is not fake news!  UP Broadcasting Association celebrates its 49th anniversary in a full-blown week, with the theme “Shatter Illusions.” An event for the youth and by the youth, the 49th edition of Broad Ass Week serves as a venue for young aspiring broadcasters to showcase their different talents and passions through events ranging from an exhibit and college food fair for students to a massive party in one of the most prominent clubs in the country.

Vlogging 101: Basic Must-Haves

Planning to create your own channel soon? When you’re done with all the planning and conceptualizing for your choice of branding, it’s time to dive in a little bit deeper into the world of vlogging and equip yourself. Making a video is more than just pressing the record button. While there are tons of equipment available on the market today, it’s quite difficult to decide which ones you really need. As a video producer, I would like to share a few advice on the basic must-haves when vlogging to help you narrow down your choices and decide which ones to prioritize.

The Script Freedom Child Tour Manila: A Musical Experience Like No Other

‘Find a dream, make it real.’
It slowly went dark and the show was illuminated with the lights coming from the LED screen. It showed different people sharing what freedom means to them. Based on The Script’s latest album called ‘Freedom Child’, fans shared their own definition of freedom. Everything went black, the crowd started srcreaming, and there they were: The Script right in front of us and about to rock their hearts out for their Filipino fans.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’ ASAP

Written by Jesh Orquina
Photography and Videography by Christian Haw

LOOK: This Korean Barbecue Heaven has Finally Branched Out to the South!

Words by: Arielle Choy
Photos by: Christian Haw
Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

LOOK: Help this Girl Find the Mystery #TinidorGuy from Ed Sheeran’s Manila Show!

Facebook user named “Isabelle Mikaela S. Yu” posted on the SHEERIO Philippines (Filipino fans of Ed Sheeran) Facebook group asking for help. For what? To help find “tinidor guy” who, apparently, picked her friend’s fork up during Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour concert at Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds.
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INSPIRING: Singer Chito Miranda’s realization about beating bad habits

One proverb states that bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.
Really, bad habits are hard to break because your body and mind grow accustomed to it. But it’s possible to do away with it with patience and determination.
Parokya ni Edgar singer Chito Miranda took it to Facebook how he was able to overcome smoking. He states that he found a “bigger purpose” in quitting other than his singing career and opting for a better lifestyle – because of his family.

WHEN IN MANILA’s rough translation:

WATCH: This guy’s version of IV of Spades’ “Mundo” will swoon you!

‘Mundo’ is just one of the wonderful songs written and performed by Filipino rock band IV OF SPADES that formed in 2014.
Guitarist and singer of band ‘Any Name’s Okay’ Renzo Lumanog performed his own acoustic version of the hit. Frankly, we’ve been swooned.
Watch the video below!


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