WATCH: An Inside Look at ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

I grew up with Jurassic Park. In fact, dinosaurs were my life when I was a grade schooler, all thanks to that movie that wowed us all during a time when wowing someone wasn’t really possible on a daily basis.

How to Get Your Content from Home in Manila or Abroad

There are plenty of things you miss when you’re away. Of course, there’s friends and family; but then there are home comforts including your favourite TV shows.
Geoblocking is a big problem for accessing your usual content; and for those stormy Manila nights, it can cause a whole heap of boredom in your hotel room.
Sites that are based in the USA, for example, may block you from accessing content; while sites such as Netflix will give you the content only available for the country you are in.

The Best of the Philippines: The Top TV Shows and Music Stars

It’s only right that when visiting a new country, you do your research before arriving. Usually, this means working out the sights, searching for the best restaurants and generally figuring out the whole situation with currency.
However, you may also want to uncover what’s going on in terms of popular culture. Who’s topping the charts? What are the most watched TV shows? It all gives you a bigger picture of the country or city you’re visiting.

Free Entrance at Yuchengco Museum on International Museum Day

Did you know that it’s International Museum Day this Friday, May 18?
Well, to celebrate the day, Yuchengco Museum is offering free admission to all its exhibitions and galleries!

Barangay Elections: Vote for Your #KaDoggo

So the Barangay Elections have officially come to a close – but we’d like to know: what are the most memorable campaigns that you’ve come across in the past few months? One of our favorites is this post by GO Cavite on Facebook involving none other than the cutest doggos ever!

LOOK: This Ice Cream Is Wrapped In A Cloud of Cotton Candy!

I’ve got such an intense sweet tooth, so I’m always eager to try out the newest sweet treats in the Metro. And what better sweet thing to try in this sweltering heat than a good scoop of gelato?

Gelato in itself is already very exciting. But what if you add a few more sweet elements into the mix? That’s what Mio Gelati did with their newest product: the cotton candy wrap.

This Forest Hideaway Is Perfect For A Quick Summer Escape!

The hustle of the city seems to be even more intense as it is with the heat of summer. It’s definitely a lot easier to get stressed when you’ve got sticky sweat dripping out of your body while the sweltering sun burns down on your skin. We all know it’s not so easy to escape it all.
But that just might change with this awesome vacation house we discovered just an hour away from the Metro! What makes this special? It’s a legit escape from the city because of its location and tranquility!

Originals Only (OO) Goes Acoustic

Originals Only (OO) teams up with Warner Music Philippines and The Fort Strip this month. The next installment of OO is going to be held on Friday, May 25th, 2018, 9 PM at The Fort Strip, Central Esplanade in BGC. It is free to the public and will be held outdoors.

Otaku Connection Episode V: Return of the Kings

Get ready for this fandom event full of colorful entertainment for everyone. Join the cosplay, music and artwork contests, mini-games, and fun interactive activities.

WATCH: Aged pianist draws a small, singing crowd in a mall in Makati

Lolo pianist definitely got his humble crowd “Singing”!
A mall-goer was able to capture the beautiful music of an aged man who joyfully played in the piano situated at a mall in Makati. Despite his old age, he happily played the piano with perfect tempo and preciseness, where he played “Sing” by the Carpenters.


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