LOOK: Andi Eigenmann’s Daughter Lilo Rides ‘Baby Waves’ With Dad Philmar

Andi Eigenmann’s second-born daughter Lilo is already starting early with her surfing lessons! In a Youtube vlog Andi posted on Monday, April 26, the mother of three gave fans and subscribers a peek at Lilo’s surfing session with her father, Philmar Alipayo, at their home in Siargao. The one-year-old was on the surfboard with arm […]

We Found a Recruitment Software That Makes Remote Hiring Much Easier

Amid the global pandemic, millions of employees around the world have started working remotely from home and it’s possible that this trend isn’t going down anytime soon. The workforce is now actively seeking companies that will allow remote work and, similarly, companies desire people who are able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively in […]

Spice up Your Pantry With These Glass Spice Jars With Minimalist Labels

Ready to start your new beautiful, plastic-free kitchen? Well, we’ve found an item on Shopee that’s worth adding to your pantry in case you’ve been meaning to start organizing it. Let me introduce you to the wonders of glass spice jars! These eco-friendly space-savers just add to the minimalist charm you’re most likely going for […]

LOOK: These Sneakers Will Change Color When Exposed to Sunlight!

Having a hard time deciding which color of sneakers to wear or buy? If you get these sneakers, it will not be a problem anymore because the sun will decide for you! We found this amazing color-changing pair of shoes on Shopee. At first look, they seem to be your ordinary white sneakers–which are not […]

This Robot Vacuum Will Do the Cleaning so You Won’t Have To

For those who do not have a helper or live independently, being stuck at home also means being stuck with chores. Unlike in your office, you must clean up after yourself because nobody else will do it for you. Do not get me wrong though, I am not complaining. It’s kind of relaxing for me…sometimes. […]
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Emilia Clarke Is Rumored to Be Joining the Marvel Universe

Hail, the Mother of Dragons! Emilia Clarke, a.k.a Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains, is said to be in the last stages of negotiations to join the Marvel Universe. This is according to rumors, which was first reported by Variety. If finalized and all goes well, Clarke will be appearing […]

7 Must-Have Summer Outfits You Can Get Online

Just because we’re staying safe at home most of our recent days, doesn’t mean that you can’t update your wardrobe for the summer. With online shopping being the new norm, it’s even easier to get new pieces for your summer outfits! If you’re planning on doing a closet overhaul for the summer heat, here are […]
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“Kung Barko Ako, Siya Yung Fuel,” Gerald Anderson Talks About How Julia Barretto Loves

In an episode of Star Cinema’s YouTube talk show I Feel U, Gerald Anderson was asked by host Toni Gonzaga about how his girlfriend, actress Julia Barretto, loves. “Si Julia, what kind of love does she give you?” Toni asked. Gerald could be seen taken aback by the question, as he said with a smile, […]

Actor Kier Legaspi Also Sets Up Community Pantry to Help Filipinos in Need

Actor Kier Legaspi is the latest celebrity to set up their own community pantry, which is located in Marikina, according to a report by ABS-CBN. In the photo collage he posted on his social media, the actor could be seen standing next to a long table filled with food. There were vegetables, eggs, and even […]

LOOK: This Trending Car Tray Lets You Eat In Your Car With Ease

Since dining in our favorite restaurants is greatly discouraged nowadays, you might have had the struggle of figuring out how to eat when you’re out doing errands. Back in the normal days, whenever we were outside and hungry, it was so easy to just swing by a restaurant and have a meal. Today, it’s not […]


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