READ: This literary editor’s two cents about viral meme “You’re Road”

Have you seen this meme spread around social media lately?
Screencap from
The story behind this actually draws from a scene from reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé“, aired on TLC Channel. The woman is named Jenny, seen conversing with her American fiancé Larry. She calls him out for not eating the meal her family prepared for him in the Philippines, calling him out “rude”. Her Filipino accent makes “rude” sound like “road”, thus, created a debate and numerous memes amongst netizens on social media criticizing and calling out her pronunciation.

IN PHOTOS: #CleftStrong Children Celebrate International Day of Happiness

Did you know there is an International Happiness Day???
Last March 20th, Smile Train children flashed their #CleftStrong smiles as they celebrated their own versions of happy at the SM Mall of Asia and SM By the Bay.

3 Big Issues the Local Food Industry is Facing and How We Can Help

Words by: Michaela “Mica” Acero
Graphics by: Katrina Tan
Photo by: Denisse Co

Much like many of you, I love food (and I’m not picky!). There’s something about seeing a steaming plate head towards you that just brightens up the senses. Well, to me at least. However, when I attended the 14th Philippine Food Expo press briefing a few days ago, my eyes were opened to a different side of the food I so love—the issues the local food industry has been experiencing over the past years.

JSEC Challenge

John Gokongwei Student Entrepreneur Center (JSEC) in Ateneo is one of the ideal platforms where students can hone their passion and skills in entrepreneurship. This is where students can get the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of running their own government registered business by managing their own food stall for the whole school year.

LOOK: This Twitter user lists the restaurants that are no longer in Katipunan Avenue

Katipunan Avenue is a thriving belt of food and drink. Many restaurants have stood the test of time, serving classics that even our lolos and lolas remember. It gets so much traffic (literally) and so the competition can get pretty tough! Tough enough to knock out some contenders, unfortunately.
This Twitter user has chronicled restaurants that Katipunan Avenue has loved and lost. Some were sad losses, others were simply just heartbreaking. There are times we can’t even wrap our head around how some establishments are gone after so many years! A shame, really.

Meet #TheUpstagingBridesmaid, Jennica Resurreccion!

When a close friend of yours gets hitched, it’s a happy occasion for everyone. You witness the love story of your friend and your significant other bloom into something wonderful as time passes, and when the day finally comes that they get hitched, it’s a happily ever after moment to celebrate.
Jennica Resurreccion was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her classmate in college, Eden Samonte.

PWR Live: Trapik

The road to Wrevolution X comes to a screeching halt as we hit PWR LIVE: Trapik! Just one last stop before the biggest pro wrestling event in the Philippines as Philippine Wrestling Revolution returns to the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion in Mandaluyong City on April 22nd. The go-home show to the big one is packed from top to bottom with traffic-stopping wrestling action only PWR can give. Buckle up for the following matches!


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