Drake Fires Up Los Angeles with Migos and Cardi B

The cold weather outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California did not stop Drake and The Migos fans from lining up outside the arena last month to catch the last L.A. stop of Drake’s “Aubrey and The Three Amigos” tour.
Fans who had General Admission tickets aka mosh pit tickets were said to have lined up outside the arena as early as 5pm to get a good spot.

Give Love in a Different Way This Season With The Happiness and Positivity Project

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani
It’s the most beautiful time of the year!
Everybody’s starting to put up their towering Christmas trees, lighting up colorful lanterns, and blasting Jose Mari Chan’s greatest hits. But more than these eye-catching decors and boppy Christmas tunes, what makes this season even more beautiful is the spirit of giving. For sure, some ninongs and ninangs out there are beginning to budget and fill in those ampaos for their inaanaks.

LOOK: There is an App that Loans Cash of Up to P10,000

Words by John Peter Himor
Imagine this: it’s petsa de peligro, and payday seems so far away. Your refrigerator needs restocking of groceries and you want to eat something substantial for a change, but you can’t do either because your wallet just won’t let you. What can you do? You can’t borrow from the bank because the paperwork would take too long and be too much of a hassle. You can’t borrow from your friends because you still have unpaid utang and, just like you, they may be struggling with petsa de peligro as well.

ITO Bamboo Bed Sheets and Sleepwear for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

I have sleeping problems. While the aroma diffuser and humidifier I reviewed two years ago helps a lot, there are still sleepless nights every now and then. So when I found out bamboo bed sheets and pillow covers, I just had to get them. I thought, “Maybe this will help.”

How Stan Lee Changed the World of Superheroes

Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics, recently passed away – but why are so many people affected? Aside from giving life to some of our favorite superheroes today, Stan Lee has done so much more for lovers of comic books. Rudolph Rabago, a self-confessed lover of superhero comic books, shares that comics were part of his “geek training” growing up.
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3 Quick Facts about This Year’s Ayala Avenue’s Light Installations

Christmas is around the corner and schedules are filling up with Christmas parties, including the ones organized at work and in different barkadas (group of friends) prior to or even after Christmas day. True enough, Filipinos have months-long Christmas celebrations.
As a Makati girl, driving around Manila to check out different parols has been one of the things I grew up doing to bond with my family and friends. Below is a quick rundown on facts about the Ayala Avenue street lights.

Detective Pikachu: A Furry Pokemon with Deadpool’s Voice

Calling all Pokemon fans (and we know there are a lot!)
Detective Pikachu was announced a while back and we honestly did not know what to expect. As a fan of the original cartoon series and all of the games, I was excited to see a live-action version of our favorite pocket monsters and now that the trailer is here, it seems like the fans are quite divided about the trailer.
In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

The story of how my mom became ARMY

It was a little surreal to have my mother pull out her phone and explain that she heard a song on the radio that she loved but it was in a language she didn’t recognize. She was able to record it on her phone and play it for me and I squinted, not recognizing anything either. There were some English lyrics, sure, but sporadically sung.


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