Our Top 11 Looks From the 2018 Met Gala (Including Some Filipino Faves!)

Each year, the fashion and entertainment industries gather to celebrate the Met Gala, a fundraising party for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The gala follows the theme of the exhibition, which has recently featured tributes to Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, technology, China, and punk. The attendees, ranging from figures in showbiz, politics, royalty, business, and fashion come in their best interpretations of the theme.

LOOK: Don’t Forget to Try These Two Local Restaurants When in Puerto Princesa

Palawan may be known around the globe for its remarkable beaches, but the culinary adventure you can experience in the crowned “best island in the world” is also one that shouldn’t be missed out on. An island rich in natural resources, Palawan also never fails to delight the palates of its visitors. Everything there just tastes better. The fruits are sweeter, and the seafood? Always divinely fresh.

#inNOVAtion: Mastering Your Passion and Tech Savvy with Huawei’s Nova Academy

Do you need a fun, worthwhile activity that serves as a break from your daily grind while logging in techie skill points at the same time?

19-year-old ‘Bangketa Teacher’ from Pampanga wins first TOP Humanitarian Award!

When you feel like you’ve found your calling, you find love with what you do – regardless of how hard or tough the road could get while you’re that journey.
Dara Mae Tuazon, known for creating a makeshift classroom for street children, was conferred the first-ever The One Philippines (TOP) Humanitarian Award, as reported by the INQUIRER.

MUSIC: Unique Salonga has spoken about his departure from IV of Spades

Many fans were shocked about the announcement of vocalist Unique Salonga leaving IV of Spades. Although the announcement was made through a joint statement made by remaining members Zild, Badjao and Blaster, Unique himself has something to say.

WATCH: This spontaneous rap battle of these newly-weds!

Wedding receptions are fun because that’s when the party begins after the solemn ceremony! Other than the food, the program, bonding with the couple’s family and others guests, receptions are a way to start the fun in celebrating the union of a newly-weds.

Which Margarita Are You? Your Barkada Described by Margaritas

Article by: Arielle Choy
It’s that time of the year again: Chili’s Margarita Madness! Chili’s bottomless margaritas are back and what more could we ask for? One thing is for sure: drinking margaritas is always more fun when your friends are involved. The funny thing is: margaritas and your barkada actually have more things in common besides making your night wilder and more fun.

Away From the City and Through the River of Mekong Delta

Vietnam, I think, is very underrated. I remember a conversation with a Filipino friend who migrated there a little over a year ago. She was going on an on about the places to see and the things you can do there. Fast forward a few months, I caught myself in awe of the beauty of Vietnam. I spent most of my time in Ho Chi Minh City, trying to immerse myself in the culture and the fast-paced lifestyle of the locals.

5 Tips on How to Make Better Designs from Nikki Solinap

Words by: Arielle Choy / Photos by: Chloe King / Graphics by: Clarence Abiera

At first glance, designing might seem very intimidating. Especially if you are someone like me who isn’t really particularly artistic, being tasked to come up with a good design may seem really challenging. Because of how much pressure is involved in design, many just give up altogether. We choose to not even try at all and chalk it up to our “lack of creativity.”

The new “Deadpool 2” poster pokes fun at “Logan” and is a cheeky nod to “Infinity War”

Deadpool 2 is the sequel that we’re all waiting for.
The witty, backtalk-y, always hilarious Deadpool is just waiting to be back on the big screen and brings us this beautiful poster to really drive the point home. The master of meta has one-upped himself yet again. If last week he was dancing circles around Celine Dion in heels, this week his new trailer dropped with some visual elements very similar to Infinity War‘s.


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