Lex Athenia Victoria Society Presents Summer Serenade III: Sound City

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us as The Lex Athenia Victoria Society presents
SSIII: SOUND CITY on May 5, 2018
from 9pm onwards at Churchill, Capitol Commons
featuring music by today’s most sought-after acts – Asch, crwn and Dante x Amigo!

Open bar from 9pm-12 am
Black Label
Gin and Tonic


Reasons Why Lucky Me! Pancit Canton is a Pinoy Favorite

I don’t know a Filipino soul who hasn’t stocked up Lucky Me! Pancit Canton at one point in their life. In fact, you may have it in your kitchens right now.
We all have our share of stories with our merienda favorite, but we compiled the most we can relate to:
4. It’s our go-to for family bonding at home.
Lucky Me!
Aren’t we always G for Pancit Canton after siesta? How many packs do you cook?
3. It’s our life saver when we’re a bit lazy to cook.
Lucky Me!
Or maybe when you’re just craving it.

LOOK: This Guy Discovered An Old Film Roll Inside A Camera And Found 27-Year Old Photos!

Film photography is making a comeback thanks to a lot of enthusiasts. I myself had to experience re-living the days of taking photos by faith and waiting a while before seeing the results through a film photography class.
That suspense of waiting for the film to develop and have the negatives printed into actual photos add a lot more thrill to photography. But for film photography enthusiast Rolly Ebabacol, his hobby got him into an even more thrilling experience.
Photo from Rolly Ebabacol

8 Things Every Pastel-Lover Needs and Where To Get Them

Written by Jesh Orquina
Photography by Eunick NobeGot a love for pastel? Whether everything you own is pastel-colored or you’re a recent pastel convert, we’ve rounded up 8 cute items we found at Newport Mall’s Pastel Fair!
8. Pastel Bags and Purses
Bring your aesthetic everywhere you go by getting these bags and purses that scream, “I LOVE PASTEL.”

Check out this cute pastel backpack!
This bag is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Need a cute bag that can carry all your school books? This one’s for you!

Stranger Things season 3 is now in production!

It’s a crazy week for fandoms!
Stranger Things season 3 is officially now in production! This video was posted on the official Stranger Things Twitter and fans all over are losing their minds just thinking about what in the world is in that script!

This artist paired Disney Princesses with Eevee evolves, and they’re ADORABLE

The Eevee appears to be a normal type Pokémon, but did you know that they can evolve into 8 different forms and types? Tsao Shin, an artist, tried to visualize how it would be like if a Disney Princess had their own respective pooch – an evolved Eevee, that is.
According to his online bio, Tsao Shin (also known as Eric Proctor)’s art “focuses primarily on fantasy, cute and funny themes”.
We couldn’t help but feel giddy over Tsao Shin’s Eevee and Disney Princess pairings! See them for yourself below!

Mar Muerto: A Celebration of Life Under the Sea 

by Cherie Canoy

We may portray dead sea as deep, dark and cold, but underneath are creatures that thrive to survive. The colors that have long been forgotten shine and reflect the beauty of the surface below. Maybe it is time to bring the fairness of their world to ours.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting This Mobile Phone

Are you like me who is now lost from all the different phones coming out on the market every few months? I have been holding on to my old mobile phone for more than 4 years now, and have been wanting to upgrade to a new phone with a really good camera but I do not want to spend much since my toddler might “accidentally” throw it.Finally, Huawei has released P20 Lite that captured our hearts with its high-end design sold in a mid-range package. Here are some of the things we love about Huawei P20 Lite.5. Excellent camera phone

Children are people, too: CANVAS and Ang INK publish the newest book on the rights of the child

Though they may be young and small, children are intelligent, valuable, and able beings with dignity and inherent rights.

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Finalist Mark Oblea Releases Debut Single ‘Langit Pag Nandiyan’ Under Universal Records

A Pinoy Boyband Superstar finalist is ready to make his mark into the OPM scene with the release of his debut single ‘Langit Pag Nandiyan.’

23-year-old singer-songwriter Mark Oblea was first discovered in the hit reality singing competition Pinoy Band Superstar (the show originally aired in 2016), in which he made it as one of the Top 7 finalists.


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