WOW: Check out these blood moon shots taken from Quezon City!

Nature and its wonders really leave us in awe with its beauty and rare phenomena that don’t really happen every day. When occurrences like these arise, admit it – documenting is the first idea that comes to your head! That’s exactly what Raymund Sarmiento did when he wanted to capture a blood red moon from Quezon City, with the foreground of Bataan Cross on top of Mount Samat.
He also indicates in his post that an individual only has “two chances per year to achieve such shot when shooting from a fixed location” because of the “earth’s orbit around the sun”.

TRAVEL: Siargao’s surfing spot “Jacking Horse” temporarily closed

Locals and visitors would have to temporarily say goodbye to Siargao’s Cloud 9 tower for now.
According to CNN Philippines, orders have been made by Surigao del Norte’s governor Sol Matugas “starting Saturday” (March 31). He tells CNN Philippines that the local government seeks “to check if (surfing) trainers know how to mentor”.
Matugas clarifies however that the rest of the surfing spots will remain open since there is “no need for instructors in these areas”.

8 Ways to Pre-Game For Your Next Music Festival

One of the coolest things to do as part of the millennial generation is going to music festivals. We anticipate the day when we can see our favorite artists perform in just one day. And of course, it will not be complete without our fellow music-loving friends, so here are 8 ways to make the most out of your next music festival!8. Organize a slumber party

Google Doodle is amazing image to celebrate Francisco Balagtas’ 230th birthday

When Francisco Balagtas was born outside of Manila in the Philippines in 1788, one of four children and the son of a blacksmith, few might have guessed he would grow up to be one of the most revered writers of the Philippines. But in fact, Balagtas showed promise early on, studying the Classics, as well as law and philosophy. Perhaps most telling of all, his mentor was José de la Cruz (or Huseng Sisiw), one of the most prominent poets in the Philippines at the time.

One more episode, please: ‘She Was Pretty’

She Was Pretty aired almost three years ago, but it doesn’t seem to have lost any of its charm.
I was looking for a series that will give me romance and comedy, and this K-Drama didn’t disappoint. Watching the series was like stepping into a warm and cozy room and never wanting to leave. It also felt like that rainy day when you just want to stay at home while sipping a hot cup of chocolate. The series was that familiar and inviting.
What’s it about?

I Quit: How to Lose a Job in 10 Days

Is quitting a job as difficult as finding it?
What if the new job that seemed so perfect when you accepted the offer suddenly changed into a nightmare in just a few days? Will it be hard to find the perfect timing to say “I quit?”
Here, I will tell you how I found a job as a deputy editor and lost it in just 10 days:
1st Day – The day I sent out my job application

Crossing the Pamplona River in True Northern Fashion

Less than three hours away from the city of Tuguegarao in Cagayan is Pamplona, a serene town with a river that flows towards the ocean and makes way to a blossoming tourism.
The town of Pamplona has always been known for its fresh seafood and wide acres of coconut and nipa trees, but it is now opening up to tourism through the arrival of its floating cottages.

Bes, May Overdue Loan Ka Ba Sa SSS? You Can Now Avail of Penalty Condonation!

Due to insistent public demand, the Social Security System is again offering a loan restructuring program (LRP) with penalty condonation that will run for six months only, from April 2 to October 1, 2018. It is expected to benefit more than 250,000 SSS members. LRP was last offered in April 2016 to April 2017.

This Japanese Restaurant in McKinley Hill Offers a Super Sulit Bento Box!

When In Manila and the patrons of a Japanese restaurant are conversing in Nihongo, you know you’re in for a treat!

Huawei Unveils the HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro

Breakthroughs in Technology and Art to Redefine Intelligent Photography


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