ALPAS: Journeying towards Mother Nature’s Healing

In the year 2016, the United Nations Development Programme established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which serve as society’s target in a global scale for the future’s benefit. With that, it generated collaboration and partnerships among individuals and organizations worldwide. In the Philippines, a number of organizations and programs have implemented conferences, seminars, and symposia for the youth for awareness and engagement in achieving the SDGs

February 19’s ‘Super Snow Moon’ will reportedly be the biggest and brightest of 2019

In case you missed the ‘super blood wolf moon’ last January 21, there’s no need to worry because you have another chance on February 19. According to astronomy experts, the moon will be at its biggest and brightest this year. This is because the moon’s orbit will be at its closest to earth at only 356,800km (221,700 miles).
Consequently, all the following moons will be farther and farther away from earth. Then in 7 months time, the moon will most closely align with lunar apogee. This means that September’s moon this year will be at the most distant point from earth.

Pop-punk band The Story So Far is coming to Manila

A show that we’ve been waiting for is finally happening.
It’s no secret that THE STORY SO FAR, composed of Parker Cannon (vocals), Kelen Capener (bass), Kevin
Geyer (guitar), Will Levy (guitar), and Ryan Torf (drums), are one of the most requested pop-punk acts in the
Philippines. Now, at long last, the clamor has been answered—PULP Live World is excited to announce that
The Story So Far will be coming to Manila for the very first time. THE STORY SO FAR Live in Manila with

Get Hooked With The Co-Show and Positivitrix this LOVE Month: A Vison Board Night Party for Singles and Couples

It’s the LOVE month! Yes, because we Filipinos celebrate seasons long term. Christmas starts on September and the celebration of Valentine’s Day is the entire month of February.  Notice all the social media campaigns, promos, designs and marketing everywhere. This is also where those who are single either look for the ONE to date or gather with their other single friends and celebrate world freedom day on February 14.

Challenging Paradigms: 11th National Architecture Symposium

2019 is an exciting year for architecture!
This year will be the celebration of the ​11th National Architecture Symposium​, as UST Architecture Network’s (ARCHINET’s) largest and most anticipated event yet. The event will be held in the Medicine Auditorium in the University of Santo Tomas on March 2, and this 2019, the National Architecture Symposium will be free of admission for UST students and university scholars, while on February 28, Archinet’s 2nd Manila Architecture Festival will mark its grand homecoming at the UST Field.

Here’s what happened when a non-Kpop fan attended a K-pop concert

I’m not a fan of Korean pop (K-pop) music but I do like a few songs. Two, to be exact. Blackpink’s “As If It’s Your Last“ and BTS’ “Idol.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t know more Korean songs. Remember the time when all we could hear anywhere was Psy’s “Gangnam Style“ and Wonder Girls’ “Nobody But You”?

What You Can Expect from This Grand Wedding Expo in Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is proving to be a rising province. I’m not just talking about its ever-increasing production of rice. No. In terms of tourism and marketing, it’s steadily becoming progressive and is continually organizing events that are appealing to both locals and visitors.

Let These 28 Filipino Bodybuilders Show You What Discipline Can Do

Fitness, in general, is no easy feat. In fact, going to the gym in itself can already feel like a chore. Bodybuilding as a sport entails so much more than just dedication to going to the gym. You need the discipline to watch what you put in your body and know exactly what to do to get that perfect body. If you want to learn a thing or two about dedication and discipline, check out what these Filipino bodybuilders have been able to do.
Let These 28 Filipino Bodybuilders Show You What Discipline Can Do
28. Edric Barcenas, 28, @ejbars

Philosophize at UP Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo’s PhilosoBee 2019

The UP Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo proudly presents PhilosoBee 2019: Philo’s Not Dead! Join more than 100 senior high school and college students as they show their knowledge about philosophical facts and trivia in this exciting quiz-bee.
First held in 2017, the PhilosoBee has since become an annual event for UP KaPiTas. It aims to demonstrate how Philosophy remains relevant in today’s society through an enjoyable competition.

This man is trying to sue his own parents…for giving birth to him

I don’t think any of us are stranger to the fascination that millennials (and gen z) have with nihilism. Social media is littered with memes saying they would rather be dead or just plain wishing to be dead. Add that to general teen angst, of shouting at your parents: “I didn’t ask to be born!”, then you realize that this case really shouldn’t be as surprising as it is.


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