Disconnect From the World and Connect With Yourself In This Yoga Retreat!

Words by Bea Lizarondo Soliman
Photo: SoulSpeak

LOOK: This garden in the Philippines has 10,000 tulips!

The tulip fields in Holland is one of the best-known tourist attractions in the world. People have made the trip just to see these flower bulbs in bloom. It seems like a small town in Abra is hoping to replicate this magnetism by putting up a tulip garden of their own.

Grammy-award winner H.E.R. is part Filipina!

Described by the Grammy Awards as R&B’s ‘rising star’, H.E.R. was nominated for a total of 5 Grammy’s. She was able to snag 2 of the titles: Best R&B Album for her self-titled album H.E.R and Best R&B Performance for “Best Part”. She was also nominated in the categories of Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best R&B song.

WATCH: What if Black Mirror were animated?

I think that one of the most compelling elements of Black Mirror is that it uses a simple truth to weave complicated plotlines and complex emotions. That simple truth is this: technology is neutral but corruptible by humans. Meaning to say, technology is neither good nor bad because it can be either — but in the world of Black Mirror people so often opt for it to be the latter.

WATCH: There’s Now a Boyband Called ‘Bakuna Boys’

Everyday, the number of cases for measles is increasing and though there are public health warnings for the outbreak, hundreds of patients are still pouring in. According to reports, there are more than 43,000 cases in the Philippines. Because of its highly contagious nature, more and more efforts are being done to help lower the cases and decrease the risk of more children getting infected.
Screengrab from DOH’S Bakuna Boys Video

Indulge in Wine and Steak this Valentine’s at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Words by Lori Dumaligan
Looking for the one this Valentine’s? Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is the place to go for a special wine pairing set that is sure to make your mouth water.

Is it okay to not have a date on Valentine’s?

During Valentine’s season, there’s always pressure for single people to find a date. It has become so prevalent that even these people question themselves on their status, as if it’s a sin to be alone.

Poland is looking to hire more Filipino workers in various fields!

If you’ve ever been called by the beauty of Eastern Europe, interested in their culture, or simply looking to work abroad then this might just be your chance. The Polish government is currently working with the Philippine Embassy in Poland to bring in more Filipino workers. This comes on the heels of Poland facing a labor shortage and aging population.

LOOK: These cities celebrated zero traffic during ‘Car Free Day’

An initiative in Ethiopia calls for cities across the country to hold a ‘Car Free Day’. From Addis Ababa to Jigiga, 7 cities celebrated the enterprise of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health on January 13. Its goal is to improve the health and environmental conditions of the citizens.
The Car Free Day essentially asks for everyone to give up their motor vehicles for an entire day. Instead, they can use their bicycles or simply walk to get to their destinations. There are also various exercise programs hosted by local government units to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


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