LOOK: This guy photoshops himself with celebrities and writes letters to his ‘exes’

Melnar Arquillo seems like a simple guy but he dated a lot of celebrities and broke most of their hearts… at least on Facebook, that is.
Melnar has an album shared on Facebook where he photoshopped himself to some photos with celebrities and they appear realistic. Every photo comes with a letter on how and why he had to break up with them.

Alex Gonzaga wants to change her heart in #NakalimutanKoNa

September 19 in Cinemas Nationwide

“Dahil ang totoong pag-ibig, hindi basta lang nakakalimutan”

Reef Free The Sea Movement 3: La Union

Reef Philippines is at it again reconnecting us to nature through some good vibes and high tides. For Free the Sea Movement’s third year, they made sure to make it the biggest one yet with more bands and more activities! The best part? It’s all for a good cause.

LOOK: Couple in LDR for 12 Years Finally Marry—Here’s How They Beat the Odds

Could you ever be in a long distance relationship? Moreover, could you be in a long distance relationship for 12 years?
The question of long distance relationships, and whether it actually works or not, have long divided people into two camps—the believers and the naysayers. After all, long distance relationships are not, and probably will never be, easy. It’s not for the faint of heart.
But for some people, perhaps the bravest of us, the answer to whether they could make long distance relationships work is a no-brainer. Like for this one particular couple, for example.

This Harry Potter Themed Debut Brings the Entire Wizarding World to Manila

Words by Micah Avry Guiao
There’s no other time more than today where debuts are being approached upon with such significance. What was once a simple coming-of-age celebration in front of friends and family now goes beyond the usual showcase of beauty and talents. Girls on the brink of maturity and womanhood are scouting and yearning for the perfect theme, the perfect gown, and the perfect night.

WATCH: BTS shows their moves in the “Idol” dance practice video

If you’re one of the many fans looking forward to Korean group BTS’s world tour, we have something to tide you over until the YouTube clips. A dance video where the band is practicing their moves for their song “Idol”!
Watch it below:

30 pretty radio DJs in Manila that will make you want to tune in

For many of us, our day wouldn’t be complete without listening to the radio. It’s a great way to pass the time, especially if the music is great and the DJs are entertaining. But because of the sonic nature of radio, we’re not really sure what the DJs look like. Sure, they have a great sense of humor and a voice as sweet as honey, but does the voice match the face? For many of the DJs in Manila, the answer is yes.

No, self-care is not about expensive soaps and treating yourself

The phrase “self-care” has become popular today as a new term for treat ‘yo self, when we indulge ourselves with often decadent treats to make up for something bad we experienced. This can take the form of a tub of ice cream, expensive soaps, or a luxurious massage. For the truly moneyed, it could be a weekend trip to another country.

4 Times GFRIEND was Shocked by How Passionate Filipino Fans are When It Comes to K-Pop

Buddies (GFRIEND’s fans) may have waited a week longer to meet the girls, but that definitely didn’t stop them from showing their full support for Sowon, SinB, Eunha, Yuju, Yerin, and Umji during the Manila leg of “Season of GFRIEND” held at the KIA Theatre.
Here’s how their fans proved that they could pretty much be qualified to be some of the best Buddies in the world:
4 Times GFRIEND was Shocked by How Passionate Filipino Fans are When It Comes to K-Pop

PWR Renaissance 2018 Results

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) pulled off an amazing show with PWR Renaissance 2018 at the Powermac Center Spotlight on August 26, 2018. The fifth edition of PWR Renaissance gave us some of the best PWR matches and memorable moments for 2018.


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