Thai Film ‘Brother of the Year’ Left Many People in Tears

‘Brother of the Year’ is a beautiful and moving story of the unbreakable bond between brother and sister. From the same production team that thrilled viewers about the student test cheating scandals across Asia (Bad Genius), comes yet another great film that will definitely warm the hearts of many!

7 Things Only Public School Kids Would Understand

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani
High School Musical got us to believe that school’s super cool with all that singing and dancing and handsome basketball athletes. But let’s be real, that’s not how it is. Especially if you’re in a public school where proms are held at the school grounds instead of fancy hotels, and some students double as school workers. But although you may not be allowed to wear anything cooler than your school uniform, some public school experiences are actually just so great, you can’t keep them private. ;)

This locally-made clay blush is a must-have for any makeup lover!

Whether you’re a full-blown makeup addict or you’re just starting to get into coloring faces, I’m pretty sure that foreign brands almost always have better recall when it comes to cosmetics. But that doesn’t mean that we should turn our backs entirely on local cosmetics. With the rise of many local cosmetic brands, many makeup enthusiasts are already making the switch to local brands!

7 Tips to Look Like Your Favorite Anime Character—as Told by Actual Cosplayers!

Words by John Peter Himor
Photos by Ralph Parba and Meghan Sevilla
When I was a kid, I always wanted to look like Inuyasha. I would watch the anime from our small TV and think to myself how much I wanted to have long white locks and a Tessaiga (Inuyasha’s sword) of my own. Sadly, that all remained a fantasy to me because seven-year-old me didn’t yet know the existence of the magical art that is this—cosplay.

Best of Anime 2018: The Winning Moments at the All-Star OTP Cosplay Competition

Words by Danielle Castillo
Photos by Meghan Sevilla
After a long and hard day of work, one of my fave ways to take the stress off is to just lie down in bed and watch anime, and just allow it to transport you into another world. But for many anime fans, simply being a viewer won’t be enough—they want to feel as if they’re a part of it.

“Magnet:” A Heartwarming Video That Will Make You Appreciate Your Parents More

When I was young, it was hard for me to understand why mom had to go to work every day. I would tell myself, I would never be like that. I would promise to be present at all times. Now that I’m a parent, I never thought I’d believe in the adage that motherhood is the most noble job in the world because what we do for our children is priceless. We set aside our own happiness and, even though, we’re itching to go places, we just can’t. Thankfully, brands like AirAsia, are now more mindful of its consumers.

The Commute Survival Kit: 8 Must-Haves to Survive Public Transportation in Manila

Words by Gemma Casimsiman
I think we can all agree: public transportation in Manila is the definition of hell. The moving sauna we like to call LRT, our very own fog machine most known as the jeepney, and the death trap buses are just three out of the many types of machinery we have to endure to “safely” get to our destinations. Yet, one of our problems is also arriving there looking like you’re fresh out of an air-conditioned cab.

Lizzie McGuire’s Brother and Mom’s Reunion Brings Us All the Feels

Raise your hand if you grew up obsessed with the TV show on Disney Channel ‘Lizzie McGuire’… and the movie!!! We can’t forget the movie, of course! Well, we just came across a photo that totally brought back some amazing memories.

Boracay to Ban Single-Use Plastic on the Island

Miss Boracay yet? We know we do! Of course, it’s already expected that things will definitely change once the island reopens. Aside from prohibiting big parties like LaBoracay, the LGU officials of Malay, Aklan is also enforcing an ordinance that prohibits single-use plastic once the island reopens later this year.

Feeling sawi? This Single Cafe in Quezon City is just the place for you!

Words by Camille Ong
Photos by Jeff Pascual
Tucked away in a building along Congressional Avenue, a small cafe brimming with hugot can be found. I mean that literally because hugot lines can be found everywhere inside; on the walls, tables, and even the card games they have in store for customers to use!


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