‘Blood donor modus’ – netizen heeds warning after encounter in Ortigas area

People are finding more and more ways to steal or do harm to others, and some netizens have openly discussed the ‘blood donor modus’ that was once around the BGC area. Yes, we may have the heart to extend and help others, but one must remain vigilant and careful about what’s real and not.
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“The Spy Who Dumped Me” Is The Kate McKinnon Show

When you look up “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and see the movie poster, it’s obvious who’s the lead star. While the poster bills both Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon equally, we know who’s the bigger lead. This time, however, it’s the sidekick who steals the show. And it’s a good thing. A refreshing change. After all, we are so used to seeing movies where sidekicks are restricted to providing comic relief.

TOKiMONSTA in Manila: Stories Through Beats

TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) returned to Manila last July 13, 2018 for an intimate discussion at 20:20 Nightclub, which was followed by a live energetic performance at XX XX. It was a chance for her to sit down and share her insights with a handful of aspiring young musicians and producers.

Going to Paris? Read PH Embassy’s Travel Advisory First

On July 23, the Philippine Embassy in France issued a travel advisory for Filipinos going to Paris, urging Filipino travelers to be vigilant and careful due to an increase of incidents of break-ins, robberies, and pickpocketing in the city. It cited that “the string of terror incidents in the past three years” (the latest on May 12, 2018) require “extra vigilance”.

LOOK: This burger has wheels of cheese as its buns

This might be another reason to book a flight to Japan.
A restaurant chain in Japan known as Dom Dom released a limited-edition burger, but it is not like your regular burger. This burger comes with two beef patties, onion, tomato, and a slice of melted cheese. That may sound just normal but this burger has two wheels of camembert as buns instead of regular buns.
The said burger went viral on Twitter.

WATCH: The Classic Iron Fist Mask is in the Season 2 Trailer

‘Iron Fist’ Season 1 did not get a lot of rave reviews. However, after his redeeming appearance on ‘Luke Cage’ and after garnering a new showrunner for ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2, it looks like fans of the superhero might just get the kind of Iron Fist they are looking for.

Meet the Strong Women of ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ is doing really well in the cinema right now. And while a lot of people have been raving about the performances of Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, we’d like to shine the spotlight on the four powerful female characters in the movie who are played by four formidable actresses: Michelle Monaghan, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett, and Vanessa Kirby.

7 Ways to Enjoy Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental

Love mountains? Need to escape from the heat and pollution of city life? Want to get away from the crowd? If so, Don Salvador Benedicto could easily become your happy place.

Why I just stick that new sticker on my laptop without thinking too much about it

Photo by KC Canlas
It always takes me a long time to stick a new sticker on my laptop.
I always worry that it might be a little askew and that it might not be in the perfect place.
I find it difficult to write the first words on a brand new notebook, thinking my handwriting is not perfect and my thoughts are worthless, and writing will mess up how pristine the notebook is.

Inside the Fast Food Industry: Here Are Things You May Not Know

We all love food. We have our fair share of fast food chains in the Philippines and they are generally go-to places whenever we are hungry, when we have celebrations, or even just when we want to stuff our faces with food. We asked our friends from the fast food industry about some of their “secerts”, and here are some pretty interesting things we found out.
Things aren’t always what they seem to be


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