Good Vibes Live in Manila: 5 Other Things You Need to KNOW about Jason Mraz

Written by Aira Mae Parado
Featured photo from Jason Mraz-Philippines
YES! Jason Mraz is finally back! Known for his soul-lifting music, tongue-twisting verses, and remarkable wordplay, Jason Mraz gets ready for a night of Good Vibes in Manila!
As we rejoice his comeback, we listed some of the things most people might be missing (but should not!) about this American singer, beyond his music.
Here are 5 Other Things You Need to KNOW about Jason Mraz:
5. Jason Mraz carries a pen and a notebook wherever he goes.

This Mandala Beach Towel from Wander Collections is So Instagrammable!

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines comes with its ups and downs. For one thing, our weather is a toss between hot, humid or both; but on the flip side, we have tons of pristine and lovely beaches to explore. In fact, you don’t need to go too far for that perfect getaway. There are many beaches that are accessible by car or by boat. And if you can’t get away (see what I did there?) because of work or responsibilities, you can always enjoy a little bit of poolside fun instead. Plus, with the right accessories, you can get some great photos along the way!

We Finally Know Who Katherine Langford Was Supposed To Be In Endgame And You Won’t Believe The Answer

We recently wrote about Katherine Langford and her supposed role in Avengers: Endgame but not being able to spot her in the movie itself. We speculated whether her parts were eventually cut or if she was just a random background character in the movie, after all.

We Are Shook AF Over These Celebrity Looks from the Met Gala 2019

Met Gala is always a fun time for us to see our favorite celebrities slay the red carpet with outrageous looks in accordance with the theme of the night. Who could forget Rihanna’s stunning papal garb and Zendaya’s Joan of Arc last year?
Hollywood’s finest definitely upped the ante this year for “Camp: Notes on Fashion” with their ostentatious and over-the-top outfits that are so bad, they’re good. Here are the standout stunners:

First-Time Job Seekers Now Exempted From Gov’t Fees on Documents

A new law waiving fees for government documents has just been passed into law by President Duterte. Republic Act No. 11261 or the First Time Job Seekers Assistance Act was signed last April 10, though Malacañang only recently made it public on May 7. 

A Discarded Cigarette May Have Started A Condo Fire

A fire at First Pacific Coast Plaza condominium broke out last April 29th in Paranaque City. The fire unfortunately resulted in the death of 1 tenant, while 6 other residents were lightly injured and taken to the hospital. Recent investigations point towards the fire beginning due to a thrown-away cigarette. 

LOOK: Lea Salonga Reacts to Comparisons with Captain Marvel

Just in case there is anyone reading this who still hasn’t caught Avengers: Endgame, here is the tiniest spoiler we can give: Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) gets a cool new haircut. Although it was no big reveal and certainly didn’t have any deeper meaning, audiences were still audibly shocked when she appeared on screen with the much shorter ‘do. 
(Who Could Be Marvel’s Next Big Villain After Avengers: Endgame?)

LOOK: This Filipino restaurant serves food from different regions of the Philippines!

Words by Gayle Dy
Photos by Lorraine Giron

Let’s face it: Everybody loves Filipino food. Nothing says comfort food more than a hearty old bowl of sinigang, or adobo paired with a big scoop of rice on the side! But if you’re looking for something a little more fresh in the world of Filipino cuisine, then look no farther, for this restaurant in Vertis North tweaks and even combines some of your favorite dishes together! The result? An amazing blend of modern and traditional-style cooking that paves the way for a pleasant gastronomical experience and delight.

Lady gets arrested flushing P80,000 stolen cash in toilet

Photo source: Manila Police District
The authorities have arrested a lady who was caught flushing stolen money worth P80,000 in a toilet in a condominium unit in Manila.

We Wish These Avengers-Inspired Air Jordans Were Real!

Still mulling over the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’? Then check out these cool Air Jordan 1 designs inspired by the heroes and villain of the said movie.


Iron Man

Black Panther

Star Lord
To clear things up, these are NOT actual shoe models nor a product tie-up between Marvel and Nike (we wish they were, though!!!), but rather amazing designs from the creative mind of UK based artist Chris Kemp:

The Hulk

Black Widow


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