Kite Kebab Bar: Enjoy Delicious Persian Food with a Twist

Words by: Arielle Choy / Photos by: Paolo Pareno / Graphics by: Jillian Bueno
If you’re in the mood for Persian food, Kite Kebab Bar is one place you need to visit.

There are two Kite Kebab Bars in Makati, but the one we visited recently is their second branch in Tordesillas.

The restaurant’s interiors are unlike any other. It resembles a museum with various murals and decorations on the walls that the owner had collected over the years. Plus, all of the decorations and furniture are antiques that the owner restored to make them usable again.

I Was in Love With a Guy for 8 Years Until He Suddenly Got Married…to Another Guy

I remember the electricity, the shock that went through my body as he told me over chicken wings that he was leaving the country…to get married. To this other guy.
Who-? Wha-? Whe-? EH?
I was stunned for a second, and the only response I could muster, eventually, was to change the subject. Because I am me, and I iz awkward as hell.

9 Places to Get Affordable (But Still Delicious) Sushi in Manila

I loooooove sushi. Like I absolutely, incredibly LOOOOOOVE sushi. My only problem with it is that sushi is pretty expensive in most restaurants. So, to satisfy my frugal self, I asked some friends where I could find affordable (but still delicious – this part was very important, of course!) sushi in Manila. And voila, I am sharing the list with you! Here it is in alphabetical order.
9 Places to Get Affordable (But Still Delicious) Sushi in Manila
Go Bento
Location: 9th Avenue Corner, Taguig

A First-Timer’s Experience at ToyCon PH 2018

It was a rainy Friday afternoon when my niece and I arrived at the SMX Convention Center to attend the first day of ToyCon 2018. Being a regular at pop culture-related conventions, I was ecstatic to attend this one since I hadn’t attended ToyCon PH before. My niece had never been to any convention, either, but she decided to accompany me because it appealed to her interest; she started collecting Funko Pops recently, which I knew would be heavily marketed at this convention. 

The Incredibles 2: A 14-Year Incredible Masterpiece

Article by Kevin Choa
DISCLAIMER: No spoilers here. Don’t spoil the fun for others :))
It’s been a 14-year wait since the first Incredibles and a much-awaited sequel the entire time despite all the box-office hit superhero films that came out since then. Brad Bird’s latest masterpiece not only shows his old(er) winning formula of zooming in on the everyday lives of superheroes, but also adds in a lot of newer challenges, technology, and updates to keep everything fresh and produce a sequel that could well outclass the original.

9 Instagram Poses You Should Master

We all have that one friend that takes Instagram photos to the next level. If you don’t, it’s probably you.
From getting the right angles to achieving the perfect pose or going to that breathtaking background, it’s quite hard work to get that IG-worthy feed. But no worries as we’ve got a few suggestions for your next Instagram post.
Here are 9 Instagram poses you should master:

What’s your go-to Instagram pose?
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Philippine Arena Gears Up for the Guns N’ Roses Concert this November!

The biggest live performance is happening at the biggest indoor arena in the world! The wait is over as concert promoters, MMI Live and Prestige Worldwide, have recently confirmed that rock music icon Guns N’ Roses will electrify their Filipino fans in support for the band’s Not In This Lifetime Tour at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, Philippines on November 11, 2018.

Ever Wonder What It’s Like Working on a Film Like ‘Incredibles 2’?

Article by Jesh Orquina

After 14 years of waiting, Incredibles 2 is finally in cinemas. If you’ve seen it, then you know just how amazing the movie is and why everyone should watch it. If you haven’t, then you really need to get on it.
Pixar Shading Art Director Bryn Imagire, one of the artists behind ‘Incredibles 2’, visited the country for the launch of the movie and we were fortunate enough interview her. Of course, we asked her what it’s like to work on Pixar movies, specifically Incredibles 2.

Loco: The Island Full Moon Party

Inspired by the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand where thousands of tourists and party enthusiasts unite, the Metro’s hottest nightlife paradise, The Island, will be hosting its first ever full moon party this June 30, 2018.

The full moon beach party originated in Thailand in celebration of the magical moon that shines brightly over the crescent-shaped beach of Head Rin.

LOL: This student printed his name on yellow pad to lessen give aways to classmates!

When a teacher asks you to take out a sheet of pad paper before a pop quiz or a seatwork, isn’t this line — “PAHINGI PAD PAPER!!!! (Can I have some pad paper?!?!) oh too familiar as a student, particularly during your elementary and high school days? Yes, we may tend to plead guilty of asking a seatmate or the responsible student in the room to hand you a sheet every single time. (I, myself, included.)


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