LOOK: Shake Shack is headed to the Philippines for reals!

This is not a drill!!!
US burger chain Shake Shack is headed to the Philippines!
This was confirmed on a Facebook post by Shake Shack.

LOOK! Tom Holland couldn’t contain his excitement when Emma Watson passed by him!

While watching the Wimbledon finals last Sunday, Tom Holland and his father seemed to get excited when Hermione Granger herself passed in front of them and then proceeded to take the seat in front of theirs!
His eyes are focused, lips tight, but you can see how excited he is. Same, Tom. Same. I would’ve reacted the exact same way. What a cutie!
Check out his reaction below:

Here’s Your First Look at the “Shazam!” Adaptation!

If you’re a fan of DC Comics and Shazam!, we have great news: DC has already released the first look at the superhero, which Entertainment Weekly published.

6 Phrases We’re Tired of Hearing from People Trying to Sell us Stuff

We’ve all been face-to-face with a salesman at one point in our lives. We know the style, the catch phrases, even the ligawan. If you’ve ever been approached by one, or sought one out yourself to look into something you need, like insurance, then you’ve probably heard at least one of these lines below.
Here are six phrases we’re all tired of hearing from people trying to sell us stuff!

AirAsia Gives Away One Year of Free Flights During Facebook Live Today

AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost airline will be giving away one year of free flights during a landmark hour-long Facebook live special today.
Tune in to AirAsia’s Facebook page from 8-9pm (GMT +8) today for an hour of fun and engagement, as well as a chance to win prizes, including free flights.

Bianca Gonzales Shares How She’s Less Worried With Motherhood

They say a mother’s job is never done and those who are going through motherhood would all nod in agreement.  Every stage of a child’s life has its best moments and challenging ones, as well.  For Sanicare, makers of quality personal hygiene products, their role is to accompany mothers and children at every stage of their journey.

6 LGBTQ+ Marvel superheroes we’d love to see on the big screen!

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has recently confirmed that there will soon be at least 2 LGBTQ+ characters joining the MCU–one of which we’ve already seen onscreen! While I’m 99.99% sure it’s Valkyrie (please), I’ll patiently wait for an official announcement (buuuut I’m pretty sure it’s Valkyrie).

10 Easy Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Vlogging Journey

Words by: Michaela Acero / Photos by: Gabriella Mercado
It’s the age of social media, y’all! For most of us, this means sharing a lot of things about ourselves on various online platforms. For some, it’s also the perfect time to hop on the new bandwagon of documenting our lives through videos and sharing them online, otherwise known as vlogging.

5 Filipino Children’s Books that Celebrate the Different Joys of Childhood

Article by Neil John Vildad
Children’s books have a different sense of magic in them. They are able to capture the beauty and complexity of being a child living in an adult’s world and translate them into something relatable, not just to children, but to readers of all ages. They are able to make the simplest day-to-day experiences more magical and wonderful, and they translate the complexities of life into bite-sized pieces that can easily be understood by children.
5 Filipino Children’s Books that Celebrate the Different Joys of Childhood
Araw sa Palengke

How a Beginner Like Me Survived a High Intensity Workout

Words by Emina Sotto / Photos by Christopher Cancio
Never underestimate a workout. Routines may look and sound easy, but don’t let that fool you! Being a beginner myself, I knew nothing about working out or using any equipment. So, as I entered The Upper Deck fitness gym, I did not know what to expect.


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