Attention, high school seniors! Check out this amazing guide to applying to different colleges!

College application season again? Time flies by so fast! Another batch of hopefuls for each university nervously filling out forms and ticking off course boxes. While it’s pretty overwhelming and dizzying to even think of being in college and moving to a new chapter in life, it can often be overwhelming just looking at the documents and the steps you need to take!

The One You Love or The One Who Loves You? This Musical Made Us Think

Words by Jesh Orquina / Graphics by Elena Salazar
“Mahal ko o mahal ako?” It’s a KZ Tandingan song, but it’s also a dilemma that some of us are all too familiar with. If you think about it, the question shouldn’t be that complicated. Why would you choose someone you don’t love, right? Go with the one you love and get that happy ending you deserve! If only it were that simple.

re.DRESS: Swap-and-Sell Your Clothes

What’s a girl who’s into achieving a zero-waste lifestyle to do with clothes that she doesn’t need anymore?
Last June 24, I attended the re.DRESS event at Pook Amorsolo covered court where I swapped my pre-loved clothes with other attendees’ clothes. I took home 6 tops, which I added to my collection of casual clothing. It was a new “shopping” experience, only this time, I didn’t need to spend my money. All I had to do was bring my pre-loved clothes and start swapping. I turned in 9 pieces, and snagged 6 tops from the DRESSycle rack since I decided to donate the rest

Here’s the Truth Behind the Viral “71-Year-Old Lola Anita”

We’re not sure if you’ve seen them yet, but there are some viral photos going around Facebook right now of a woman people are calling ‘Lola Anita’. Most of the Facebook posts contain a slew of her photos – in which she looks absolutely AMAZING, by the way – with comments on how great she looks besides already being 71 years old.

Well, we did our research, and we’re sorry, but we’re here to burst your bubble.

LOOK: These Millennial Wedding Themes are Picture-Perfect

A wedding that is trendy and fun is the dream of many people whose hearts are young and whose spirits are free! Choosing a millennial wedding theme is perfect because it can definitely make this special occasion extraordinary and unforgettable.

MAFBEX 2018: Local Food Brands, Chefs, Showcases, and the Ultimate Foodventure

Article by Denise Nicole Uy
Photos by Paolo Pareno

LOOK: Local Brand Makes Swimwear For All Body Types

Some women tend to be too shy to show off their bodies, especially during the summer. It’s not really a matter of how you look, but more of what you wear. Swimwear gets too awkward to wear because what you mostly see in department stores tend to cater to a small range of body types. It’s either too small for your chest or too big for your hips. It’s either too long for your torso or too tiny for your thighs.
Photo from Alba

Netizens reminisce memories of the Luzon Earthquake on its 28th anniversary

It’s been 28 years since it happened.
Netizens and members of the Memories of Old Manila Facebook page couldn’t help but reminisce what happened when the Luzon Earthquake took place on this day in 1990. 


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