LOOK: Local Brand Makes Swimwear For All Body Types

Some women tend to be too shy to show off their bodies, especially during the summer. It’s not really a matter of how you look, but more of what you wear. Swimwear gets too awkward to wear because what you mostly see in department stores tend to cater to a small range of body types. It’s either too small for your chest or too big for your hips. It’s either too long for your torso or too tiny for your thighs.
Photo from Alba

Netizens reminisce memories of the Luzon Earthquake on its 28th anniversary

It’s been 28 years since it happened.
Netizens and members of the Memories of Old Manila Facebook page couldn’t help but reminisce what happened when the Luzon Earthquake took place on this day in 1990. 

Son of a kubrador becomes an RDN, graduates as a scholar with a Masters in Business Management

Stories like these remind us that life is never a walk in a park but a journey that should be enjoyed, regardless of the kinds of circumstances that come our way. Ariestelo Asilo is one classic example.

ASTRID: Personalized Leather Items to Achieve That Minimalist Look

Nowadays, the key to style is to keep it simple. Classic pieces that aren’t too loud give off that cool and “woke up like this” look that many people try to achieve. Season after season, we see a growing collection of minimalist fashion for men and women alike. Though achieving that look may seem challenging, there are actually many everyday accessories that you can get to land that minimalist aesthetic.

LOOK: Here are Some Ways You Can Wear Your Dad’s Clothes

If you’re part of the majority of children who have made fun of their dad’s clothing choices at least once in their lives; then, hey, join the club. Although admittedly, there must have been some reason why they bought that weird polo, right?
In an effort to understand that reasoning, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could create outfits from my dad’s closet that would both a) actually fit me and b) fit my taste.
After six long hours of trial, error, and eventually, triumph; I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
Outfit #1: The Oversized Shirt

Itadaku: Japanese Comfort Food in Butuan City

Itadaku, the first all-Japanese Restaurant in Butuan City, first opened its doors to the public last December 2017 inside Robinsons Mall. The restaurant promises an all-Japanese menu including staple favorites such as Ramen, Sukiyaki, Tempura and the like.

LOOK: Remington Hotel Has Turned into Holiday Inn Express Manila

Ever wondered what happened to Remington Hotel in Newport City? Apparently, it has been revamped and has reopened its doors as Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City.
The transformation is not in its full glory yet, but its official logo was unveiled last July 3. We also found out that it has everything a smart and on-the-go traveler needs!

OMG! This guy proposed to his girlfriend in a photo op with Taylor Swift and Taylor’s reactions are priceless!

We’ve heard of all kinds of proposals. There’s the flash mob, the cute proposal over an intimate dinner, the taking-you-back-to-our-first-date proposal. There are countless ways to propose, it’s up to the proposer to figure out how to pop the question to the proposee in a way that fits their relationship.
We guess getting a world-renowned celebrity involved is one of those ways!

LOOK: This Married Couple Met on Yahoo Messenger 10 Years Ago

There are a lot of love stories out there and when we hear about them, sometimes, they seem too good to be true. Such is the case when I heard Maverick and Karen Julao’s love story. Finding out about their love story started pretty simply: they commented on one of our Facebook post’s about Yahoo Messenger closing down, claiming that they had met on the messaging platform around 10 years ago. Finding true love on YM? Really? Naturally, I just had to hear the full story to that. And here it is.


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