This Blogger Sells Locally Made Eco-Friendly Bags and Swimwear

Article by Jesh Orquina
In this age of technology, blogging is hardly anything new. Anyone who has an Internet connection and a computer can easily become a blogger. Given this, it can be quite challenging to stand out from the crowd. Style blogger Yuki Tansengco successfully rises above this by being both a blogger and a fashion entrepreneur.

5 of the dumbest diets for that summer bod!

It’s summertime!
And it’s also the time where people exert inordinate amounts of pressure on everyone else to look like photoshopped magazine models!
While the sun is out and scorching us all, you would think that we’d be more worried about trying not to sweat through our clothes rather than how tightly those clothes fit on us. So, to address the strange need other people have to tell us how we should look, here are some of the dumbest diets you can go on to one-up those people!
5. Photosynthesis

Photos: Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi’s twins goes to prom

Look how time flies!
Carmina Villaroel shares a proud moment on Instagram as her twins, Mavy and Cassie, dressed up for prom.
The actress captioned the post with: “And they are ready. Off to their prom. Have a great time you two. I love you both.”

Look how pretty Cassie is!

Mommies’ Day Off

Calling moms of all ages and soon to be moms!
Ramada Manila gives you your well-deserved day off as we celebrate Mother’s day with informative and inspirational talks from our guest speakers, exciting freebies from our partners, and cocktails from our Culinary Team. It has been our advocacy to create events that promote family bonding and social interaction. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Ramada Manila would like to treat mothers to a day of relaxation, pampering, and learning.

DON’T MISS: Fisher Mall’s RED Boat Sale Offers up to 50% OFF

Beat the heat this summer with cool finds at Fisher Mall’s RED Boat Sale this coming May 4-6, 2018.
Expect to fill your bags with the latest and trendiest summer outfits for that perfect Instagram-worthy OOTD plus other home and lifestyle items in their mall-wide sale for up to 50% off!

ENTERTAINMENT: Harry Styles is in Manila for May 1 concert

Big fan of Harry Styles? Then, this is amazing news for you because he is now in Manila in time for his May 1 concert.
According to reports, Harry arrived in the country on Monday, April 30, which is one day ahead of his concert date.
The British pop star will be performing at the Mall of Asia Arena for the Manila leg of Harry Styles: Live on Tour.

My Chef PH: Get Any Kind of Food that You Want Delivered to You

Wouldn’t it be great to have a chef make your family’s favorite dish and get it delivered to them even if you’re abroad? If you’re an expat feeling a little homesick and are looking for something authentic from back home, wouldn’t it be great to taste it again? Are you looking for a dish that you discovered during your travels, but can’t find it locally? Are you craving for something you saw on the Food Network? Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a chef who can make whatever you want and get it delivered to you? That’s exactly what My Chef PH does.

TRYP by Wyndham: Your Newest Staycation Destination in Pasay  

*Other photos owned by TRYP by Wyndham
Pasay is a good destination to be in.  It is an area of many points of interests like the Mall of Asia and NAIA. If you’re looking for a place to stay, this area has one new hotel to offer that will make you appreciate Pasay even more: TRYP by Wyndham. 

Google Philippines pays tribute to Philippine National Artist Levi Celerio on his 108th birthday

If you logged on to Google Philippines today and an amazing artwork of this man seated making music with a leaf pops up — this man turns out to be Levi Celerio, who is a National Artist for Literature/Music. He would have been 108 years old today.

Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious tweet has Deadpool’s Avengers application denied!

All of us are still recovering from Infinity War, myself included. And, as I have been looking for strength to stand up and stop thinking about the events that transpired in said movie, only memes and funny cast interviews have helped me coast along.
Ryan Reynolds doesn’t fail to deliver. Never fails, really. I think I may be in love (but that’s a discussion for another time).


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