LOOK: Momoland is Currently in Manila to Perform at a Private Event

What with their song ‘Bboom Bboom’ being one of the most viral dance crazes in the Philippines, who hasn’t heard of Momoland by now? The Korean girl group arrived in Manila from Seoul yesterday morning. They are scheduled to perform at an exclusive private event in Solaire Resort tomorrow night.

INSPIRING: Awkwafina Went from Earning $9/Hour to Starring in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Ah, success. So many people strive for it and yet so many people also give up before they get there. If you’re currently in need of some inspiration and motivation to keep going and not give up, turn to Awkwafina. Today, she may be one of the stars in the much talked about movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’; but before that, she, too, struggled the same way that many people are currently struggling today.

LOOK: Straightforward Just Released a Collection Especially for Women

Does Straightforward ring a bell? Yes, it’s that brand that helps us get through our everyday outfits and makes everything stress-free. This time around, Straightforward has launched a collection of clothes especially for women called “Woman by Straightforward”, and we got a closer look at what makes this collection special.

7 Destinations in Antipolo that aren’t Pinto Art Museum

Words by Joseph Cesar
Photos by JP Sium
With the recent growth in popularity of the Pinto Art Museum, a lot of people miss the other destination spots in Antipolo—which is quite unfortunate given its rich culture and history, and not to mention its high terrain that allows you to enjoy a good climate and a cool breeze. There’s no need to travel for hours on end in order to enjoy peace and tranquility, they can be found within the city of Antipolo!

Take a Look Inside Nando, an Afro-American Barbershop in Makati

Words by Joseph Cesar
Photos by Blew David
Describing a modern barbershop is only getting more and more difficult over the course of the years as it continues to evolve. Once in a while, people add unique elements to their barbershop to set it apart from others. Some can be as simple as selling vinyl records and books, while some can be as extravagant as having a hidden bar inside!

El Marikeno: Shoes Made By and For Casually Elegant Filipinos

“Start small, dream big.” That is what successful people tend to tell young, aspiring entrepreneurs.
Last 2016, the dream of having their own business and doing what they love came about over light conversations and good coffee. Their obsession with leather products, especially shoes, gave Alec Delos Angeles, Rico Agbulos, and Jean Patrick Centeno, the idea of starting their own shoe line.

After a Decade of its Release, I Finally Gave Mamma Mia! (And its Prequel) A Try

Words by Micah Avry Guiao
Despite being into musicals, I have never seen Mamma Mia! I was exceptionally clueless. In this time and age, it’s impossible not to come across this famous jukebox musical romantic comedy based on—well, you guessed it—a musical of the same name. Following the first movie’s success exactly a decade ago, a sequel (or a prequel, rather) was destined to be created. Yet even then, I knew nothing about the movies.

Toké 2018: Heat It Up (the annual sem starter party of UP One Earth)

This August 24, start your sem right with Toké 2018: Heat It Up, the annual sem starter party of UP One Earth, the first environmentalist organization in UP Manila. Watch as Patio de Manila ignites in a fire of drinks, dancing, and partying; – burning all the way from 8pm-1am!

“Beauty Without Baggage”: Glow Skin Clinic Offers Premium Aesthetic Services At Reasonable Rates

Words by Micah Avry Guiao
Photos by Trisha Diaz de Rivera
There’s no doubt about it–skin care has never been given more attention and importance any other time than the present. If clay masks don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore, maybe it’s time you consider getting a facial.


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