Traversing the circle of life: Roaring applause for Lion King the musical

A wreath of light rises onstage to crown the king, queen, and their newborn son. Rafiki heralds this occasion by belting out the first throes of the iconic Zulu chant at the beginning of “The Circle of Life,” announcing that the future king is here. All the animals in the kingdom gather together, prey and predator alike, and co-exist for one peaceful stretch of time to bow and venerate their would-be king.

Cactus Mac BBQ: Wagyu Beef Brisket Delivered to Your Doorstep

We’re already accustomed to having food delivered straight to our homes. But these kinds of food are limited to pizza or fast food. Fancier cravings like wagyu beef often require us to book restaurant reservations and drive to the restaurant. Newcomer Cactus Mac BBQ is changing all of that.

LOOK: Everyone Got Crazy in Color at Holi Festival 2018!

Written by Jerenze Cuaki
Photos by Patricia Dennise Chua (@ptricia.chua)

Have you ever been splashed with colored powder at a Holi Festival celebration? If not, here’s what you’re missing!

8 Key Takeaways from the adobo Festival of Ideas 2018

Article by Deina Ida Blancaflor (@disblancaflor)
Photos by Deina Blancaflor and Patricia Chua (@ptricia.chua)
Graphics by Mari Loca
The Adobo Festival of Ideas may have concluded a month ago, but the learnings are more relevant than ever, especially with its theme “Creativity at the Heart of Digital Tech: Data, Tech, and A.I.” 

My #EarthHourStory: A Night for Mother Nature at Hive Hotel & Convention Place 

From what started as a lights-out event in Sydney, Australia, the whole world adapted this initiative and started the so-called ‘Earth Hour‘. With climate change accelerating at an alarming rate, the event inspired millions around the world to take part in the movement.

LOOK: Meet Fern., the 17-Year-Old Pinoy Artist You Should Know About

It’s rare for people to find and realize what their true passion in life is at such a young age. Luckily, this 17-year-old discovered his calling early on in life.

This Upcoming E.P. is About to be the Next Addition to Your Chill Party Playlist

Words by: Michaela “Mica” Acero
Graphics by: Elena Salazar

10 Disney films that should have live-action counterparts, too!

With the success of Maleficent in 2014, Beauty and the Beast in 2017, and the upcoming Christopher Robin movie, many of us who grew up with Disney are now clamoring for our other favorite Disney films to be made into live-action ones, too!
Creating live-action remakes seems to be a trend for popular animated movies and we don’t blame the creators. These tales are timeless and capture hearts. Taking spins on these tales and breathing new life into them just reignites our love for them and even transforms that magic we feel.

The Weeknd Officially Hits Airwaves with New Album!

The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) has just released his latest album titled My Dear Melancholy, and yes the title really has that comma.
On Wednesday, Tesfaye posted a screenshot of his text conversation with his creative director, La Mar Taylor, on Instagram. The text read: “Should we drop Friday? I’m indifferent to be honest,” hinting a possible album release.

The Corner Market: This One-Of-A-Kind Food Hub in Ortigas is Perfect for Your Next Food Trip

Article by Emina Sotto / Photos by Hannah Beltran / Video by Elena Salazar and Hannah Beltran
Planning your next food trip? Look no further! This newly opened food hub in Ortigas has it all for you!
Located on the second floor of the newly renovated wing of the Podium, The Corner Market is a must-visit for those that looking to experience something new and taste a bit of everything under a single roof.


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