John Estrada Wants You to Forget All ‘Bad Image’ About Ellen Adarna in New Show — Here’s Why

As John Estrada gears up for the premiere of his new TV5 show with none other than Ellen Adarna as his leading lady, the actor-comedian is confident that old and new fans alike will get to see a side to the 32-year-old actress that they may not know of. During a media conference for John […]

Bond With Your Kids While Building These 13 Cool Toys

Kids love building stuff and admit it: so do you. For the best bonding experience that you will both enjoy to the fullest, check out these awesome sets that are currently on sale during Lazada’s Baby Fair! From January 20-23, 2021, enjoy up to 80% off on mother and baby deals, plus free shipping capped […]
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8 Italian Movies that Filipinos Can Watch for FREE at the 2021 Moviemov Italian Film Festival

Following the great success of the past editions in Bangkok, Manila and Hanoi, Moviemov Italian Film Festival returns to the Philippines with its tenth edition: the festival will take place from February 1 to 6, 2021 in an out-and-out virtual movie house, thanks to the participation of My Movies, bringing once more the best of […]

kumu Nurses’ Corner Helps Spread Information About Health and Wellness During Pandemic

In a time when misinformation is so easily spread, those who uphold their duties to share the truth is life-saving. And this is exactly what Nurses’ Corner is doing in kumu, as it nurtures more health-centric streams in the Kumunity. It not only offers a safe space for health workers and frontliners to come together, […]

LOOK: This Drawing Tablet is Something Every Artist Should Own

We have been searching high and low for an affordable tablet for our graphics and other digital art but since we are working on a certain budget, we are having a hard time looking for the best quality at a very reasonable price. Luckily, we found some really good reviews of this Huion Pro 16. […]
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Healthy Food List: What are the Benefits of These Healthy Products?

Looking to eat healthier this 2021? Here are some awesome healthy products you need to stock up on this year to ensure a healthier diet. The best part is that they are all currently on sale on Shopee! New to Shopee? Here’s a discount you can enjoy on us. Universal NC Code: JANWHNML Terms and […]
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Portable Instant Photo Printers That Every Bullet Journal Junkie Will Love

As a self-confessed journal junkie, I love collecting stationery that I can use to unleash my creativity when creating spreads on my journal or planner. What I love doing the most, though, is printing pictures I took during special occasions of moments that I want to remember, down to the very last detail. However, doing […]

This Filipina’s Mini Travelogue Shows Us the Beauty of Manila and Coron Through Her Eyes

“In the 7,000 plus islands in this archipelago are the 7,000 plus chances we have to create a different narrative of our day to day life.” These are the words of Anna Garrido, a Filipina who sought to capture the moments of one blissful summer and create a mini travelogue that tells a story of […]

How to Apply for and Renew Your Driver’s License in the Philippines

Need to get or renew your driver’s license soon? Check out this guide we made to make the process much easier for you to understand! NOTE: Applicant must be at least 17-years-old and is a holder of a valid student’s permit issued at least 30 days prior to the application. IMPORTANT: due to the ongoing […]

LOOK: You Can Now Sanitize Your Hair!

The new normal had us looking for ways to make sure that we stay clean and healthy. Though sanitizing our hands all the time is the perfect way to keep the virus at bay, it’s also important that we keep our whole body clean- and that includes our hair! Every time that we go out […]
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