INSPIRING: Filipino Student Founds Organization for Philosophy Enthusiasts All Over the World

A Filipino Grade 11 student from Quezon City is working hard to make sure that fellow youth with a growing interest in the subject of Philosophy actually have a space to deepen their appreciation and connect with other young philosophers all over the world. PhilosophYouth, founded by 16-year-old Grace Catan, was created with a mission […]

BTS Hangers Now Exist And Here’s Where You Can Get It

Are you an ARMY? Ever wanted to have the BTS men in your room and your posters just aren’t enough? Now you can have them in your closet with these BTS hangers! Yes, you might just have the newest addition to your BTS-merch collection with these high-quality hangers. These hangers feature the faces of BTS […]
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10 Things To Help Progress Your Genshin Impact Exploration

Words by Alexis Rhae Gabriel Genshin Impact: a game completely full of intricate details, from all its meticulous character designs to its graphics and lores alike. Not to mention the lands of Teyvat, which we as travellers, must bring ourselves to traverse in order to progress in both the game’s storyline and for our personal […]

These Stylish Anti-Theft Laptop Bags Are a Must for Remote Workers

The current global situation has turned our work lives upside down. After more than a year of working from the safety of our homes, many of us have recently transitioned into a hybrid work setup. A lot of professionals now go back and forth between working from home and working in the office. With a […]

People Are Raving About These Bread Makers Online

It seems like there’s a new trend in the online shopping world every few months. It started with the air fryers, then the vacuums, up to the ice makers for the summer. Now, there’s a new “budol” trend starting up: the rise of the bread makers. The trending bread maker is a great addition to […]
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Miss Universe Cameroon Shares Her “Big Love Story” with the Philippines

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Miss Universe Cameroon (@misskossinda) The 69th Miss Universe pageant is coming up and everyone is getting to know the many contestants vying for the highly-coveted crown. Miss Universe Cameroon Angele Kossinda is making history as the first representative of the country in the prestigious pageant. Another […]

5 DIY Kits You Can Bond Over This Mother’s Day

Looking for a fun and creative way to bond with your mother or your kids this Mother’s Day? We found some awesome DIY kits that you can have fun with together for the ultimate Mother’s Day bonding experience! 5 DIY Kits You Can Bond Over on Mother’s Day Holiday Inn and Suites Makati (@holidayinnmakati) The […]
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This Sleek Tracking Wall Socket Might Just Replace Your Normal Extension Cords

They say that when designing your home, you have to add up to three times the power sockets you think you need. But if you’re currently living in a house that’s already built, the usual solution to the lack of power sockets would be extension cords. If you’re not a fan of the unsightly cables […]

Alessandra de Rossi Has a Message for People Criticizing Single Women Without Kids

Alessandra De Rossi took it to social media yesterday, April 4, to address people who criticize women who are “not married,” “don’t have kids (yet),” or have “a ring on your finger.” In a series of posts on her Twitter account, @msderossi, the actress defended women who are single and who don’t have kids, saying, […]

16-Year-Old Filipino in Seattle Was Shot by an Unknown Man in His Own Home

A Filipino-American teenage boy was shot in the head by an unknown gunman in his own home in Rainier Beach, Seattle, Washington State. Earl Estrella, who was only 16 years of age, went to answer the door at his family’s home on April 23 when someone knocked. When he opened it, “several shots” were fired […]


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