LOOK: This Little Bird Will Help Light Up Your Workspace

Looking for something unique and cool to add to your workstation? Are you a fan and friend of cute animals? Here’s a little trinket for your workspace that you’ll definitely love! This is a unique lamp that features a bird sculpture “carrying” a light bulb. Because of the realistic look of the little sculpture, it […]

LOOK: Start Your Home Cafe Haul With These Aesthetic Glasses

If coffee is the one thing that makes your mornings a delight, then you must be interested in building your very own home cafe… that is, if you don’t already have one. Want your own cafe experience anytime at home? Here’s where you can start! You can get your choice of aesthetic and unique glasses […]
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This UV Vacuum Will Change The Way You Sleep

Ultraviolet light has long been used by hospitals as an effective sanitizer. Ever since the pandemic, we have started using it to sanitize anything from phones to grocery items, and to practically anything we bring into our homes. This gives us a sense of safety that what our family is about to hold is free […]
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LOOK: Dimples Romana Opens Restaurant in Singapore

Actress Dimples Romana is celebrating her latest achievement as an entrepreneur! Her newest venture comes in the form of a restaurant called Alegria Singapura which she just recently opened in Singapore, thanks to her business partners located there. The restaurant specializes in non-traditional Latin American and Asian dishes and is already being enjoyed by locals […]

Bake and Roast Your Favourites with This White and Gold Oven

We are all learning a new skill during quarantine, some of us had resorted to baking and some had more time to prepare delicious home cooked meals. For us, we tried improving our kitchen set-up so we can create more delicious pastries. Luckily, we found this beautiful white and gold oven on shopee. This Lian […]

Donnalyn Bartolome Has the Best Comeback to Netizens Telling Her to Get Married Already

Donnalyn Bartolome couldn’t help but speak out against netizens who keep telling her to get married and have kids already before she gets too old. What prompted the comments was the 27-year-old singer posting a photo of herself during her teenage years, exactly a decade ago, on Facebook as she promoted her new YouTube vlog […]

WATCH: Angel Locsin Seen Approaching Crying Father at Hospital, Giving Cash Assistance

Angel Locsin has proven time and time again that she truly is the real-life Darna we need right now. Recently, netizens have witnessed her kindness and generosity once more when she was seen approaching a crying father in the hospital and extending financial aid. The netizen who captured the moment uploaded it on Twitter and […]

4 Skin Care Product Sets to Splurge on This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re still looking for a gift for the most important woman in your world (or if you’re a supermom looking for a gift for yourself), here’s something you might want to consider: skincare products! Moms rarely have time to take care of themselves; with these skincare products […]

LOOK: This Microwave Will Complete Your Wood and White Kitchen Aesthetic

If you are still looking for gadgets and accessories to add to your kitchen, then this microwave from Shopee is the one for you. We have seen amazing kitchen transformations online and since we are also looking for more things to add to our kitchen this Microwave is heaven sent. Most microwaves in the market […]

This Local Smart Plug Shows Your Energy Consumption and Schedules Your Appliances

Transitioning into smart homes has been quite the trend these days because it instantly makes life more convenient. A complete overhaul into a full-on smart home is expensive and a tedious process. But buying smart appliances and gadgets makes a smart home more accessible. This smart plug is one of the first things you might […]


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