LOOK: This dog was born green and we are shookt

Just when we thought the year couldn’t get any weirder, a farmer in Italy was delivered some shocking news: one of his eight dogs gave birth to a bright green puppy. And it was odd indeed. You see, all the other puppies in the litter had white fur—the same color as their mixed-breed mother Spelacchia. […]
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These 7 Korean Skincare Products Can Help You Achieve Great Skin

Oh, how we all wish for clear skin. There are a select few who are blessed with a good complexion, thanks to their genes. But for most of us, myself included, it takes good sleep, proper diet, a good skincare routine, and the right skincare products to achieve those #clearskingoals. And of course, the discipline […]
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Cariz Shop Turns Pressed Flowers into Stunning Statement Pieces

I have never been a fan of flowers because I always thought that they would eventually die anyway, so what’s the point? However, after seeing what Cariz Shop can create with pressed flowers, my perception of them has changed completely. Cariz Shop is owned by Rica and Rizza, who combined their names to come up […]


Despite the gray skies and rough roads, we march onward. This year’s UP Pride will be held on October 26 to 30 with the theme “Sama-sama, Pantay-pantay.” UP Pride 2020 aims to unite the LGBTQI community and other marginalized sectors in fighting for human rights and equality, and calling for stronger SOGIESC-based anti-discrimination protections within […]

5 Tricks (or Treats) for a Fun Halloween Celebration at Home

Halloween isn’t going to be the same this year, that’s for sure. Whether you used to spend it dressing up, partying the night away, buying candies, or trick-or-treating with your kids; it is best to stay home this year due to the pandemic. However, just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that we can’t […]

LOOK: Frontliners Can Win Up Php10,000 With This Campaign!

Spark hope and share the joy of gift-giving as SM Supermalls celebrates our front line workers, our modern day heroes, in this time of pandemic. This holiday season, shoppers may nominate a frontliner to receive a special gift via the #ShareHopeWithSM digital mailbox until December 14, 2020. Five (5) nominated frontliners may get a chance […]

All Seasons of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ are Coming to Netflix

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for an old series to come to Netflix before. Before shows like ‘The O.C.” or “One Tree Hill” made it big, we 90s kids had one teenage show we looked forward to every weekend: ‘Dawson’s Creek’. ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was a first of its kind for me. Running from […]
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LOOK: A Whole Bunch of ABS-CBN Movies are Coming to Netflix Soon

Netflix has been steadily growing their catalog of Filipino content with some of the most prominent film studios in the Philippines like Viva, ABS-CBN, TBA Studios, Regal Film, The Idea First Company, Globe Studios, Mavx Productions, and others. Today, they have renewed and expanded their content offerings from ABS-CBN, and are excited to show us […]

Ryan Reynolds is Moving ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Emilia Clarke’s Birthday This Year — Here’s Why

It seems that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds isn’t allowing Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke to steal the spotlight from him on their shared birth date. In a tweet he posted on October 23, Reynolds, who turned 44, jokingly announced that he had “moved” Clarke’s birthday to a much later date on account of it being […]

’20 Years in the Making’: Assunta De Rossi Welcomes First Child, Shares Meaning Behind Name

Actress Assunta De Rossi officially welcomed the birth of her first child on Friday, October 23, after nearly 20 years of waiting. The 37-year-old star’s sister, Alessandra, took to Instagram to share a photo of Assunta with the newborn baby which she called “the most beautiful photo for life!” “Little Fiore and tears of joy […]


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