Manila Foods and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) Goes Online

Worldbex Services International (WSI), the organizer behind the MANILA FOODS AND BEVERAGES EXPO (MAFBEX) is set to launch a month-long campaign entitled MAFBEX WIRED.  The online series of activities will kick-off on August 8, 2020. To address the challenges and changes in the food and beverage trade environment, MAFBEX WIRED aims to bring its expertise […]

WATCH: Tomcat Releases A Video-Call Inspired Music Video for “Busy Girl”

Busy Girl, a track written by Tomcat from the first EP is set for a new music video. The song speaks about long-distance relationships. With the situation the world is currently in, we are constantly faced with the trouble of not being able to get in touch with our loved ones. Going out to eat […]

Be careful! This scam could hack into your Facebook and Instagram accounts

In an age where we’re so dependent on social media, we have to be careful about who to trust, especially with our private information and security. There are plenty of scams out there that try to hack into our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in order to collect our information or do even worse. We […]

LOOK: We Are in Love with These Dreamy Photos of a Couple’s Simple ‘New Normal’ Airbnb Wedding

One of the many things we’ve learned throughout self-quarantines and amid social distancing measures is that special celebrations don’t have to feel “ruined” just because they aren’t as grand as we’ve originally planned. Many couples, in particular, have learned that making their wedding ceremonies much simpler and more intimate can be just as beautiful. Take […]

Tune in on this livestream app and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

Who said that two-year-olds are a handful? Well, that may be right if we are talking about KUMU. That’s because the app is definitely ready and willing to get your hands full of fun, excitement, and prizes for its upcoming 2nd-anniversary celebration! This year’s celebration chants “Sama All!”, where authentic connections happen. Kumu currently has […]

LOOK: Pinoy-made app wins prestigious international NASA hackathon

An integrated public policy information portal measuring the impact of the coronavirus pandemic developed by Filipinos won the Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge in the best use of data, the solution that best makes space data accessible, or leverages it to a unique application. Using Earth observation, in-country economic and human mobility data, and global infection case counts, […]

Add some color to your kitchen with these cute pastel-colored items!

Cooking is one of the essential life skills everyone needs to know. Whether you’re just a beginner in the kitchen, or if you’ve been cooking for a long time, it’s important to have the proper kitchen tools to make your time in there easier. These items all come in cute, pastel colors that will surely […]

I fell asleep crying in this eyeliner and it didn’t budge at all–also they’re neon (and pastel!)

It’s hard to find the perfect eyeliner. Sometimes they’re not pigmented enough, other times they smudge and make you look like a raccoon–there’s just so much to weigh when it comes to this beauty product. Will you sacrifice the smudge for the deep color? Will you sacrifice the color for it being budge-proof? Well, look […]

This Facebook group allows people to donate to students in need of financial help

A lot of students are in need of financial help these days, especially considering that a lot of learning is now remote and online. Many students don’t have the means for online learning, nor the equipment. Which is what prompted Diane Reyes, founder of Ayuda Pang Eskwela to put together a Facebook group where students and parents […]

Check out this donation drive that helps donate to teachers in Cagayan

The New Normal sets a new variety of challenges to every Filipino. As COVID-19 cases continuously spike in the Philippines, we have to adjust our usual day-to-day business to cope up. One of which is in terms of the new guidelines for conducting classes this coming Academic Year 2020-2021. There are three modes of learning […]


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